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Bigger, Bolder, Better

by Sam Escolano

NLEX’s drive to rebound this 2021, as our President and General Manager J. Luigi L. Bautista mentioned in his The Podium article, requires each employee be committed in “working together in solidarity towards advancing the NLEX goals.”

Cognizant of its mission to keep NLEX employees updated on company news and to foster a sense of pride and deepened sense of belonging, Northlink aims contribute to NLEX’s solidarity by being bigger, bolder, and better this 2021.

BIGGER. Starting this February, Northlink intends to release issues every month with the goal of keeping NLEX employees up-to-date with company news and events.

BOLDER. Besides company news, Northlink intends to cover relatable human interests to show how interconnected each employees’ lives are here at NLEX. New titles, such as Humans at NLEX, intend to narrate with heart the stories of people we meet every day. In this issue’s All is Well, we tell stories of personal growth despite challenges in 2020.

BETTER. As we aspire for Excellence, Northlink held a Newsletter Writing and Mobile Photography workshop last January 2021 with Ms. Ana Santos, an internationally-renowned journalist and Pulitzer Center’s 2014 Persephone Miel fellow. Northlink intends to craft better articles with the precious learnings imparted during the workshop.

With all our hearts, we at Northlink invite everyone to be with us as it journals NLEX’s unfolding journey to be bigger, bolder, and better this 2021.

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