Editor’s Note

The Only Good Infection

by Sam Escolano

A 2019 Forbes article pointed out an infection we can celebrate on: gratitude1. In the said article, it was found that gratitude does not only affect the two people involved in the transaction, it also motivates its witnesses into service.

In this issue of Northlink, we want to serve as witnesses to stories of gratitude in NLEX. It is with this heart that we journal stories of thankfulness in this Northlink July 2021: Gratitude and Service.

  • In The Podium, our President and General Manager expresses his gratitude to NLEX employees;
  • In Spotlights On, NLEXEmplary awardees share what it feels like being recognized and rewarded for their exemplary performance and values;
  • In Soulfull, we discover how our colleagues serve the company and serve others to express gratitude.

It is with warm hearts that the Northlink Editorial Team presents this issue. NLEX Tayo, Nagpapasalamat, Nagpapahalaga.

1 Powers, Anna. 2019. Scientifically Backed Ways To Cultivate Gratitude To Change Your Life For The Better

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