Editor’s Note

Constantly Moving Forward

by Sam Escolano

Adam Braun, founder and CEO of Pencils of Promise, is quoted as saying “For any movement to gain momentum, it must start with a small action.”

Our constants of Excellence, Love, and Safety in everything we do at NLEX allow us to move forward every day, whatever the circumstances. NLEX’s constants in moving forward is documented in Northlink June 2021 Issue:

  • In The Podium, our Vice President for Operations highlights how our being NLEX allowed us to make it through challenges;
  • In From the Top, we showcase Heroes without Capes, an online learning session for executive assistants and secretaries led by our Ms. Lea Nebre; and
  • In Humans at NLEX, we share Sandy dela Cruz and Noel Dela Cruz’s NLEX, and love, story.

It is with warm hearts that the Northlink Editorial Team presents this issue. NLEX Tayo, Nagpapasalamat, Nagpapahalaga.

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