Editor’s Note

Empowered to Make a Difference

by Sam Escolano

Peter Drucker, a world-renowned management guru, likens empowerment to an orchestra, where a manager should be like a conductor who views his team members as members whose individual skills contribute to success. Indeed, when well conducted, empowerment produces significant performances which makes a difference in the people’s lives.

This March 2021 issue of Northlink journals how empowerment, especially women empowerment, is cultivated in different facets of NLEX Corporation:

  • In Executips, Ms. Lea Wong reminds our dear women colleagues to remain kind to themselves as they pursue their career and individual goals;
  • In Take It Lightly, we explore how life experiences have shaped our dear Ms. Donna Marcelo to become an empowered, remarkable woman;
  • In Post It, we relive how NLEX honors its exemplary employees last 4th Quarter of 2020 through NLEXEmplary Awards; and
  • In Spotlight’s On, we spotlight women empowerment by peeking through the lives of some of our dear women patrollers.

Join us as we celebrate empowerment in this issue!

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