Editor’s Note

Forward and Onward

by Sam Escolano

The Law of Inertia states that external forces are required to bring forth change to bodies at rest. If this natural law turns into a philosophy, it is akin to complacency – a state of contentment despite deficiency, a willingness to be driven by external forces.

The Law of Inertia and complacency does not apply to NLEX. We have been witnesses of how NLEX was able to harness its internal strengths to move forward and onward despite adverse external forces. This ability of NLEX to move towards progress despite challenges is journaled in this Northlink May 2021 Issue:

  • In The Podium, our Vice President for Project Management highlights NLEX’s ability to surpass external challenges through agility, collaboration, innovation, and excellence;
  • In From the Top, we showcase MPTC Asia’s Projects as they continue to break barriers and expand footprints to accelerate development; and
  • In Post It, we share how NLEX held back-to-back celebrations for its momentous achievements for the past 15 years.

It is with warm hearts that the Northlink Editorial Team presents this issue. NLEX Tayo, Nagpapasalamat, Nagpapahalaga.

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