Embracing and Leading the Culture

By Madz G. Barcelona

Following the successful launch of the Culture Program last May 6, 2022, two different culture immersive workshops were held for managers and officers to understand, commit to, and continuously promote the revitalized corporate values – ICARE.   

What does ICARE stand for?  


The first workshop entitled “Embracing the Culture”, facilitated by Mr. Jun Roy of Nomura Research Institute, was held for eight batches of managers and officers from April 28 to June 2, 2022. This workshop focused on the definitions, specific behavioral indicators, and applications of the I-CARE values. It also tackled storytelling as an effective leadership communication tool that can be used to inspire and motivate team members to uphold and practice corporate values. 

Given the ever-evolving state of the organization and the global environment, the workshop also answered the key question: “Do we have a culture built for the future?” The high point of the workshop was participants committing to propagate and model the revitalized and refocused values of the MPTC Group. 

The second workshop, “Leading the Culture” was held from June 14 to July 7, 2022, for seven batches of managers and officers. Having understood, embraced, and committed to the I-CARE Culture, the next big question to address was “What kind of leaders are needed to lead MPTC into the future?”. This workshop was about necessary key leadership qualities and skills. 

Our leaders being already steeped in leadership skills, the facilitator focused on Agile Leadership, which calls for speed in quality decision-making and action, resilience, proactivity, collaboration, and efficiency. But, as discussed during the workshop, the heart of Agile Leadership is Servant Leadership, and a servant leader is a good coach – one who listens, asks questions, gives feedback, is interested in his team members’ needs, objectives, and challenges, i.e., an Outward Mindset practitioner. Indeed, these qualities and mindset will lead MPTC into the future.  

Meanwhile, Culture Cascade sessions for assistant managers, supervisors, and senior specialists will be scheduled in the next four months, starting in August. 

Madz G. Barcelona, Human Resources and Administration. She considers herself as a team player who brings out the best in every person. She enjoys organizing things to make them simpler and better. Madz always gives her best in serving others, especially her loved ones.

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