Embracing Innovation

By Elreene Venice C. Hufana

NLEX never stops evolving. The company, for almost 18 years and onward, never backed down from challenges. Our people grow as the company advances. We were never afraid of innovation. We embrace it and we become people who make NLEX agile.

Here are some of the insights from our people on how innovation improved their life at work:

PAOLO ANTONIO M. CORTEZ, Toll Verifier, Toll Operations Department, Operations Division

Paolo Antonio M. Cortez_Paolo has now six years of service with NLEX.

Innovation is creating something new, a new solution, a new way of doing things, a new product, that is useful.

In the VERIFICATION FAMILY, innovation starts from a simple idea. The idea is then communicated to colleagues which creates a space for COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION. We use tools like plate inquiry sheet, ALPR validation working template, Back Office System, Jaspersoft, Customer Account Information System, ETC portal, that makes it easier for us to analyze data.

Just a few months ago, a colleague developed a new APLR validation working template, shared the template to everyone, additional innovations were made, making our work-life better.

Creating a culture of COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION will lead us to a better work-life and success for NLEX.

JOHN STEPHEN H. LIMJOCO, Data Center & Systems Admin Associate, IT Section, Technology Division

John Stephen H. Limjoco_Stephen has been with the company for almost three years.

As an IT Personnel, the transition from paper form to digital/electronic system helps me reduce the amount of time required to manually search for paperwork. I can get real-time data access without much complication. It also creates a way of being able to interact with my colleagues in effective and efficient ways.

RANDELL M. DELFINO, Pipeline Project Sr. Specialist, Project Delivery Department, Technology Division

Randell M. Delfino_Randell has been with NLEX for more than seven years.

The innovation that made an impact on my everyday life was the implementation of a work-from-home scheme/program and the remote access of workstations at the office. Both improve my efficiency and productivity. I was able to conduct multitask and provide me additional time with my family.

JAYSON U. GONZALES, Auxiliary Tech I, Electromechanical Department, Asset Management Division

Jayson U. Gonzales_Jayson is working with NLEX for almost five years.

We were able to fully utilize our current system by adapting and modifying existing technology and resources for the Auxiliary group. This enabled reduced travel time as well as remote access to the system and equipment. This helps us save fuel costs and time getting to other repair jobs.

WINNIEFREDO R. ROXAS, Patrol Crew Team Leader, Traffic Operations Department, Operations Division

Winniefredo R. Roxas_Winniefredo has been with the company for almost 18 years.

As a Patrol Team Leader, having a body cam during our duty is one of the effective innovations made in our department. Through this, we can easily justify every scenario that happens in the field during our apprehension and intervention. Investigation made it easier for everyone.

Elreene Venice C. Hufana, Toll Operations Department. She started as a SCTEX Toll Teller and is now a Toll Supervisor. She loves reading books with no preferred genre as long as the book is interesting. Other than reading, she loves watching movies and series most specifically K-Dramas.