An NLEX Corporation Employee Newsletter | Volume 2 No. 1 | April 2020

Spotlight’s On

Stories to be Told

By: Beverly May Ramos, Ma. Rhea Rose Santos & Charmina Galvez

(Spotlight’s On  features some employees with their views  and personal opinions on a certain topic. Since it is the ECQ period, we asked them what are their realizations and how the situation disrupted their routine.)

No one has ever been prepared for the situation we are experiencing brought about by the pandemic. Even so, life must go on. People have their own ways of dealing and adapting to changes. Here are a few stories of our co-workers from Asset Management, Technology, Compliance & Business Excellence, and Toll Operations  which everyone will surely relate to.

Ace San Pedro

Ace thinks that the digital approach to performing our jobs through the work-from-home setup is a good opportunity created by the current situation. One of its advantages for him is having more time to enjoy sitting with his baby in their terrace while coping with the ongoing crisis. Though he misses dining out in his favorite restaurant, he alternatively tries to cook at home as inspired by culinary shows he watches.

Janeth Sebucao

Knowing that she could easily go to her relatives and friends anytime with the ease of transportation, Janeth seldom visited them. She also didn’t spend time to appreciate blue skies and beautiful surroundings because she was too busy with her daily activities. These are the things she admittedly took for granted when everything was normal. Now, Janeth manages to make the most of the situation by spending quality time with her family at home, learning new recipes, and doing yoga.

Helen Garcia

Despite the inconvenience of the ECQ, Helen still sees positive things from the current situation. Before, she consistently followed her daily routine: going straight home from work and vice versa because of her busy schedule. There were times she forgot to check up on her family and friends. But now, with internet access and the flexible schedule through the work-from-home setup, it is easier to catch up with her loved ones. Once this is over, she would be happy to eat at her favorite restaurant again and deviate from eating their usual “ECQ food”. She’ll also continue to do the twenty-second hand washing. She became aware of its importance because for her, “Buhay ang nakasalalay sa malinis na kamay.”

Leigh Cruz

Leigh is looking forward to the  time when social distancing is no longer required. She already misses their briefings every shift and personal meetings with their Cluster Head and Toll Operations Division Head. Her 14-day stay-in duty advanced her independence and was her way to show gratitude to the company. She also values and appreciates her family much more because of the current situation.

Randell Delfino

Playing badminton and going on a food trip with his team are the things relax Randell. But because of ECQ, he had to put off these activities. He focused, instead, on the opportunities created by the situation which taught him and his team to be more resourceful and be better in communication. He learned to explore  and utilize some apps  he hadn’t used before in order to do remote work effectively. And because our communication is being limited by current work set-up, he learned the importance of being clear, precise and courteous when conveying information or instructions to his team.

Jennica Sicat

On normal days, Khai spends her money on shopping and dining out. But now, she realized that those weren’t necessary. Instead, she gave donations for relief goods and PPEs. She believes  her family got closer to God and that their bond strengthened because they have more time to  stay at home. To express her gratitude, attending Sunday mass will be the first on her list when the ECQ is lifted.

Charo Feliciano

Charo acknowledged that many of her usual activities before were disrupted by the COVID-19 situation. Instead of taking her family to the mall to dine out during weekends, she learned to cook for them and eat together. at home. She’s also more conscious  now of frequent hand washing and taking vitamin C. She also discovered new ways of getting in touch with her team via video conferencing and online meetings.

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