Unique Practices During the Pandemic

by Jennifer Suarez and Beverly May Ramos

As health officials worldwide warn of the spread of the new/novel coronavirus – officially named as COVID-19, everyone (young, old, healthy, etc.) must heed the precautionary warnings issued by health experts.

The most important thing for each individual to understand is just how important it is to learn how to prevent a virus (and its symptoms) from spreading and how to avoid getting a virus entirely. Below are some precautions that our co-employees practice in their daily lives in response to the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the ECQ, I’ve been using the smallest bag that I have to carry all my important belongings. The lesser things I bring around, the lesser chance of virus accumulation, and it is also easier to disinfect.

Juan Pablo Cambel – IT Specialist

Use cloth masks with pocket filters to lessen the use of medical masks. Medical mask waste just adds up to the tons of waste that we already have.

Arianne Joyce Montaño – Marketing

Having the right information and news will help save you from Covid-19. That is why I always make myself updated and informed. Also, wherever I go, I make sure that I have my alcohol with me. I practice to spray an area or object before I touch it.”

Janeth Sebucao – IT Sr. Associate

“For staff safety, NLEX Corporation provided guidelines for protecting employees and customers who handle mail, documents, and similar items. In accordance with this information, I make sure to  wear a face mask, eye shield, and gloves while on duty. I also avoid touching my face when moving items into the UV light box to disinfect documents for 10 minutes per batch of documents received.”

Rafael Roque – Document Control Associate

Aside from our individual efforts in our battle against Covid-19, it is also important that we implement administrative and engineering solutions. Since each of our departments have different working environments, specific measures for each one are therefore necessary. Juliard Dio Mejia from Compliance Business and Excellence and Archie Pabu-aya from Project Management Department shared department initiatives from Toll Operations  and Project Management Department.

To our tellers whose duty requires them to face and interact with motorists, the following measure aims to minimize the risk of contracting the virus:

  • Tellers must wear full gear protection unlike office staffs which includes: Face Mask, Eye Shield, and Gloves
  • Per toll booth, there should be a disinfectant spray and alcohol available.
  • Scheduled disinfection per plaza is implemented.
  • Some tellers are provided with motel-like facilities (Strike-force tellers at Dau).
  • “Wear a mask” poster plastered at toll booths for motorists to view
  • House-to-house shuttling services

Some of our ongoing construction projects cover large areas and have several workers and staff. It is therefore difficult to prevent the spread of the virus just by implementing precautionary measures designed for offices. With the help of our General Contractor, the following measures were implemented in the R10 Exit Ramp Project to address these issues:

  • Hand Washing and Sanitizing Facilities were installed at designated areas within the project to encourage frequent hand washing.
  • An area was refurbished to accommodate Rapid Testing on employees which are conducted regularly.
  • Offices were reorganized to foster social distancing within employees.
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