ETX Delivery Team: How are they empowered?

By Cherry M. Roxas

The Electronic Tolling Transformation Program or better known as ETX is a critical transformation initiative that will bring us closer to our vision to lead the region in providing the ultimate mobility customer service experience.  It will endeavor to transform the overall operations of our entire toll road network to “BARRIERLESS” setup. 

As part of this program, our company organized an ETX Delivery team composed of officers and specialists from different departments, and other business units that will help to implement the successful delivery of “Open Road Tolling” (ORT)

Here is some insight from our colleagues on how they are in a new project and how they are empowered?

Quintrix Anne DJ. Malapitan, 7 years in service, Subject Matter Expert Toll Systems

“Hi! Im Quin of NLEX Technology, and I am currently working with the ETX Team for the implementation of Barrierless Project.  As part of this group, what compels me more, aside from knowing that this will be the first in the country, is that this project can greatly help elevate the MPTC customer experience holistically.  Next, I am excited to gain new knowledge and techniques from both technical and project management perspectives.  However, I admit I can get nervous and pressured at the same time because of how huge this project is but working with these great leaders and members that we have in the team, I believe that this project will be successful.”

Eloida T. Dizon, 18 years in service, Subject Matter Expert Toll Operations

“The company opened an opportunity that has given us the privilege to get involved in a new project. A bit quite challenging to be part of the transformation team, but it helps us to explore and satisfies our thirst for learning more about Barrierless Project. We immediately get involved in the planning of the design and conduct a review of the existing process to assure that we are on the right path as we go along with the project.”

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Cherry M. Roxas, Toll Operations Department Toll Supervisor from Cluster 1.  Cherry has been with the company since 2005.  She loves organizing events and enjoys dealing with other people.  A firm believer in “God makes all things beautiful in His time”.

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