Maintaining Safety and Excellence Amid Crisis-driven Change

by Ramon Ampil

We asked Mr. Jeff Ang, AVP for Compliance and Business Excellence, how to maintain top-tier performance at work amidst the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeff has been with the organization for around 17 years. As such, he has seen the changes and growth that the company has gone through. He was, in fact, part of NLEX during the rehabilitation of Segments 1 to 3. He has been auditing road safety, documentation safety, and compliance with ISO standards for a long time.

But when COVID-19 broke out, Jeff had to deal with an extraordinary challenge. He had to reimagine how to maintain excellence and how to offer the best service to our employees, motorists, and stakeholders during the crisis.

The pandemic changed a lot of things. Jeff and his team responded swiftly amid the lockdowns and different work shift arrangements. They made sure to disseminate the reminders on safety and preventive measures. They also coordinated the acquisition of PPEs and disinfectants.

With the restrictions that arose from the pandemic, Jeff and his team shifted to digitalization by making full use of IMS, hosting online meetings, and organizing online trainings. They also conducted a remote audit of our standards, making NLEX one of the first companies to do so. Jeff and his team also used social media (Facebook, online video presentations, TikTok) to promote preventive measures against COVID. They maintained the business excellence of the company by continuous site inspection that was made possible with an ample PPE supply and ensured that the shuttle service is safe by providing informative signs and strictly observing the reduced capacity in each vehicle so social distancing could be maintained.

According to Jeff, they adapted to the requirements of the pandemic and made sure that we are able to maintain the standards of our service safely.

Jeff knows that by making sure that our work environment is safe, we also protect our families. As a family man, with his daughter just turning a year old, Jeff felt that his professional function to lead NLEX in safety and business excellence was also personal. More than ensuring the implementation of safety measures, Jeff has made sure that he also takes care of himself. He takes vitamins, strictly practices the right protocols when he is at the office, and declares his health status via the My Well Being App. 

Now that we are experiencing rounds of lockdowns, Jeff believes that the organization is better prepared because of the experience we had last year.

Jeff derived professional fulfillment from the fact that despite the crisis, we were able to maintain the certification from the ISO auditors last year. It goes to show that we are able to adapt to change and uphold excellence. It proves that he was able to thrive amidst adversities.

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