Successful Executives Share How Being a Father Made Them Better Leaders

by Geraline Jorge, Rhea Santos and Charmina Galvez

Fatherhood is a rewarding experience that enriches the lives of those who take on this role. However, being a father is also a tremendous responsibility that, over time, could help individuals with this role to become more skilled in other aspects of their lives.

Ronald Dulatre, Joseph Marigomen, Jhun Dela Cruz, and Nelson Delos Reyes have each had great individual success in their chosen field.

Another aspect of life that they all share is fatherhood. Here’s how these successful executives have shared their values, and empowered their children and their staff.

The hands-on dad: Ronald Dulatre (Treasury, Risk & Insurance Management) describes his feeling on being a first-time father as fulfilling. This generous executive became a father at age 26. He is hands-on with his children. He shows that by providing all their needs, even the smallest things. >>

The cool dad: Joseph Marigomen (Legal Services) describes his feeling when he became first-time father as the most elating part of his life. This cheerful executive became a father at age 28. His love and passion for music also became a big part of his children’s lives. >>

The God-fearing dad: When Jun Dela Cruz (Supply Chain Management) became a first-time father, he said he felt a combination of excitement and fear. This kind executive became a father at age 21. He said he gives his children the opportunity to have education, and that he is proud that his children are God-fearing. >>

The adviser-dad: Fear and enjoyment is how Nelson Delos Reyes (Project Management Department) describes his feeling when he became a father. His goal on being a father is to be a good provider for his children, not only in material things but also in their wellbeing. He taught his children to learn from their mistakes, and that failure will make them more experienced. >>

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