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How Parents Cope with their Children’s Online Classes

by Mary Grace V. Sevilla & Rodenie S. Sevilla

The pandemic has temporarily changed our education system. Online class has become the new normal for both students and parents alike, with the parents playing a vital role to provide and support their children during their classes. Here are some experiences that both parents and their children face together during their online classes.

Parents let their children sneak a power nap or two

We’ve all been there, it’s been a few hours of nonstop lectures about history or math and you just couldn’t help but take a quick shut-eye before the teacher calls you for recitation. It’s no different with online classes, especially since they’re held in the comforts of their homes ; hence, parents let their children take a nap or two from time-to-time to keep their children energized for their other classes…so long as parents don’t let their children sleep the whole day!

Some classes strictly implement a “No school uniform, No online class policy, so parents provide children uniforms

Even at home, some schools still require wearing uniforms during online classes. In a way, it helps the students to not forget proper dress codes at school and at work, helping them grow important habits they can bring when they’re older.

Parents allow sitting in comfortable position as long as it helps children be more attentive during class

In school, proper posture is observed strictly – anyone slacking off gets called out by their teachers; but at home, no one’s there to call one out if one wants to learn while lying down, or while sitting on the floor, or inclined on a lazy chair. It seems that as long as one listens and learns from his/her classes, it matters not how students position themselves while studying. But parents should still remind their children every now and then about proper posture to for their overall health.

But the most challenging role of a parent nowadays is to teach their children do household chores

No one wants to do chores – even the parents, but they must teach their children early do these household chores primarily for their character development. And secondarily, to lessen the parents’ stress and load. It is also a way of teaching the young minds about the importance (and hardship) of taking care of not just other people and things, but of their surroundings as well.

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