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Celebrating Mother’s Day

by Irish Corpuz

Due to the ongoing pandemic, celebrating Mother’s Day has been done differently for two years in a row now. In the past, it meant that a lot of families would be out and about or hosting gatherings at home. Most of us stayed at home with our families and bonded through some home-cooked meals. For others, greeting their mothers with the help of technology — through phone calls or video calls — was the only option.

For Charmina “Charm” Galvez — who works for Human Resource and Administration as an HR Account Senior Specialist — motherhood is, indeed, a life changer.

DEFINITIVE. “That moment when I first held my son. I couldn’t believe I had brought life into the world.”

According to her, juggling different responsibilities as an employee, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a mom is really a challenge.

“You should know when to be a wife more and when to wear the hat of an HR practitioner,” she said. “But being a mother doesn’t end when you are at work and resume being a mom when you get home. You’re a mother all the time, plus you’re carrying all the other roles as wife, daughter, friend and as an employee.”

Despite all the complications arising form the pandemic and the daily challenges that she faces, Charm said that she is grateful for the blessings that she has. She and her family celebrated Mother’s Day at home, they had homecooked meals and attended an online mass.

The Mother’s Day experience of Edwin Mendoza — a Roadway Specialist in the Asset Management Division — was drastically different. He was not able to visit his mother on Mother’s Day due to some restrictions and circumstances, so he had to find another way to reach her. “I was able to greet my favorite person only through chat because I was placed under home quarantine,” Edwin explained.

QUARANTINE CELEBRATION. “…we ordered our favorite combo: pizza and a bucket of fried chicken. I told my self, bawi ako kapag okay na lahat.”

For Alma Valmeo — an Executive Secretary under Tollways Development and Engineering — being a mother is a 24/7 job that requires unconditional love and understanding at all time. She remembered the time when she had to leave work immediately to tend to her sick seven-month old son. It broke her heart every time she had to leave the house so she could work to help provide for her family.

A Mother’s Prayer. “As a mother you want the best for your child. There was never a time that I did not include Adam in my prayers.”

Even after having her own family, Alma never forgot to give back to her mom as well. This Mother’s Day, they all celebrated at her mother’s house enjoying her mom’s favorite home-made meals. “I just want to show her how much I love her,” Alma said.

It does not matter how old we get because in the eyes of our moms, we will always be their baby boy or baby girl. In return, it is only natural that we forever hold them in our hearts.

Let us honor the woman who gave us life, who sacrificed a lot for us and warmed us with love. Let us all greet them Happy Mom’s Day!

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