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MPTC Embraces Digital Transformation with Oracle ERP Cloud Implementation

by Junne Grajales

Pivoting our business towards our vision of providing the ultimate mobility experience and the expansion of our product portfolio requires an agile backbone to support our need to improve our internal capabilities.

One of our first steps into digital transformation is through a groupwide implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud – an enterprise resource planning system that will unify the functions of Finance, Supply Chain, and Asset Management to provide the entire group a “single source of truth” that will aid us in decision-making at various levels.  

Oracle ERP Cloud is from Oracle Corporation, an internationally recognized leader and widely-used ERP provider for various industries. Oracle will bring in modern best practices that can help accelerate our growth.

The Oracle ERP Cloud will integrate business objectives with IT objectives—both of which are crucial to our business transformation. Source: ERP Cloud Implementation PMP & Plan Discussion, Oracle Consulting

The ERP project will be led by the recently established Business Transformation Office (BTO) team, and will be applied to our operating units: MPT North, MPT South, MPT VizMin, MPTMSI, and the newly-formed MPT Mobility.

Oracle Consulting is currently conducting a series of familiarization workshops with the ERP Core Project Team to lay the groundwork for its smooth implementation.
The ERP Project will allow immediate access to a centralized database and will integrate business functions in all our subsidiaries. Source: ERP Cloud Implementation PMP & Plan Discussion, Oracle Consulting

“Setting the tone of our digital transformation, the Oracle ERP Cloud Project aims to advance the back-office governance to the forefront of business digitization. It also aims to set a robust foundation upon which the MPTC Group can integrate more cutting-edge technologies to strategically drive the group’s digital maturity amidst the changing and challenging business landscape.”, said Rizza Latorre, MPTC Group Controller, BTO Process Lead, and Oracle ERP Cloud Project Director.

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