Healthy Holiday: Enjoy a Guilt-free Feast

By Len C. Jorge

Photo from jed-owen-q6Y8Xr3SoQA-unsplash

The holiday season is just around the corner. This time of the year can be overwhelming as there are many things to do; finding the right gifts, cooking the perfect holiday food, and finding the time to attend every party. And as the season of festivities comes around, mouthwatering food and calorie-packed cocktails are everywhere. This season can be stressful for those who are committed to having a healthy lifestyle or on a weight loss journey. While this is the season when dieting seems to be not appropriate, there are tricks to enjoy a guilt-free feast.

Before you begin your holiday journey, keep in mind that there is no good or bad food. It is simply the food you’re eating and how much you eat. Choosing what you eat in a mindful way is the key!

Now, before you go to luncheons and dinner parties, eat a light snack packed with protein and fiber. These foods will keep you slightly full but not full enough to not enjoy the festivity. Do not arrive hungry at a party because you are likely to have poor food choices.

When sampling appetizers or snacks, use a small plate and choose two appetizers at a time. Small portions mean you are less likely to feel deprived. Choose food that has vegetables first instead of greasy foods that are loaded with trans fat and carbs. Vegetables will make you feel full while greasy food will make you hungrier.

Binge drinking during the holidays has a significant impact on your health. Sure, every party you attend has lots of alcoholic beverages. After all, alcohol is the life of the party as they say.

You don’t have to drink at any party you attend if you don’t feel like it. You can stick to healthier drinks like fruit juices and shakes, or smoothies with a holiday twist. If you are drinking, be sure to drink moderately. Eat a healthy meal before drinking cocktails to avoid an upset stomach.

Of course, the culprit of all the guilt is the dessert! All the pies, cookies, cakes, and holiday desserts, look so tempting. This is hard to resist for those who have a sweet tooth. But you don’t have to feel guilty at all! Again, moderation is the key! Before you go to the party, you have to decide whether you will have dessert. Like in appetizers use a small plate. You don’t have to finish a whole slice of chocolate cake; you can share it with friends or family.

If you happen to overindulge in food, the good news is you can start fresh the next day. Be sure to have a healthy breakfast and hydrate. Do not skip meals, eat nutritious food, and take vitamins. Use your idle time to walk around the neighborhood, or play with your kids, nieces, and nephews. The most important thing is to keep moving!

This holiday season, eat what you love, and remember to eat in moderation!


Len C. Jorge, Compliance and Business Excellence. Len loves to travel, and she loves nature! She’s a taker of a good coffee and good conversation. Every travel she ventures, she makes sure it’s the best experience – every place is special. She loves going to places she has never been and meeting lovely people along the way. She always does what her heart beats for.