An NLEX Corporation Employee Newsletter | Volume 2 No. 1 | April 2020

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Thank You, NLEX Frontline Heroes

By: Rose Ann Santos

COVID-19 has caused tremendous changes in the way we live our lives – personally and at work. It sets a “new normal” to the way we do things at home, in our community and our company. The Work-From-Home arrangement is actually a health and safety precautionary measure taken to protect the employees from exposure to the virus. Despite the risks, though, there are still employees who chose to perform their work in our company premises and followed their calling to serve our company and the country.

The efforts and sacrifices of our NLEX frontline heroes from Operations and Support Group were well-appreciated by the management, the customers, and the employees. As a simple way of saying “thank you,” our Management readily provided free meals, vitamins, point-to-point shuttle service,  and a Frontliner’s allowance to our dedicated employees.

Food & Smile

Employees are wearing their bright smiles knowing they have healthy and delicious food waiting for them. Free meals have been distributed since March 17, to NLEX Frontliners and volunteers in the offices and toll plazas. They didn’t have to worry about where to get their food while on duty.


Vitamins & Employee Wellness

Vitamins were also given as part of the health program of the company at this COVID times, to strengthen their stamina and resistance against the virus.

Unwavering Service

Free meals have also been extended to our kapatids on-duty – utility, driver, security guard, marshalls to let them know that their dedication and service are very much appreciated.


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