IiP Champions On a Mission

By Charm M. Galvez

Indeed, time goes by very quickly. It was in 2019 when NLEX Corporation embarked on IiP Certification for the first time, as a merged organization. After all the hard work and effort poured in by everyone, we were certified IiP Gold. This was awarded in 2020, the time when it was needed by the company the most. NLEX Corporation also bagged the IiP Employer of the Year Award the same year, a sweet oasis on a year filled with challenges. 

Now that we are approaching the end of our 3-year accreditation, IiP Champions are called (again) for a mission – a mission not only to keep the IiP Gold Award but progress to Platinum. New IiP Champions from different divisions were handpicked in this special mission to work with our veterans who championed our previous certifications. 

37 IiP Champions attended the 1st plenary last November 9 in preparation for the recertification during the first quarter of 2023. In her opening remarks, HRAD Division Head Ms. Lea expressed her confidence that the recertification is achievable because of the good composition of the team. She was referring to the great mix-up of new ideas and actual experiences. 

After the IiP Champions’ sharing of best practices and action plans, Sir Luigi reiterated their critical role in making the aspiration for higher certification to happen. He assured everyone that they have his full support and that he will do his part in the success of this endeavor. 

In his concluding message, Sir Luigi Bautista, NLEX Corporation President & General Manager, reminded everyone that if we work together with faith, we can achieve whatever we want to achieve. “Kahit gaano tayo ka-busy, I know that you will help your company. You can never go wrong in prioritizing love. Bakit? Kasi NLEX tayo!

Charm M. Galvez, Human Resources and Administration. She is a goal-oriented person and always does things with an end in her mind. She is a big fan of God.