January to February 2023 APPLAUZ


APPLAUZEEDivision/DepartmentSpecific behavioral example of how a co-employee has helped
Paul John Legaspi Toll OperationsSuper jolly regardless of difficulty of work, he is a top choice and inspires us of his creative hand and mind for the decoration of such birthday, anniversaries or any events of not just Toll but NLEX.
Paolo Antonio M. CortezToll OperationsAs we all know, Land Bank of the Philippines, which is our current bank replenishment cannot supply the needed coins during our change replenishment. In this regard, we must find other sources to provide our plazas with the needed amount to be able to cater to our cash customers. Sir Paolo, although he is now in the verification section, always finds time even on his rest day or VL by helping us in sourcing of coins thru small town lottery. He is a big help to us, he sometimes accompanied us to get the coins without asking in returns. That’s why it is fortunate that we have this kind of recognition. To recognize and appreciate the extra mile that Sir Paolo is doing for our group.
Jeffrey France Toll OperationsHelp me regarding how to deal with customer related and enlightened me during the conversation. I have so much realization that gave me advised. I appreciated all of it. Thank you so much Sir! 🙂 
Larry NicasioToll OperationsSiya po laging nagiinfo sakin ng mga bagong procedures ,  at pag may hiring po sa company pag naka leave po ako, naappreciate ko po siya.
Rodrigo Valeroso Jr. Traffic OperationsBeing helpful he repairs the extension plug in the office he insists to repair it. Simple act of kindness. Thank you Sir Vale 😊
Noemi MacahelosToll OperationsHard working, madaling kausap sa schedule esp. for sudden changes. Maaasahan sa report and maintaining Plaza cleanliness.
Dela Torre
Toll OperationsHard working, madaling kausap sa schedule esp. biglaang OT. Maintain cleanliness of Mindanao Plaza.
Ryan Joseph CatahanToll OperationsNeat looking, can be a model of Company Uniform. Madaling kausap sa schedule, masipag pumasok.
Janella Erika AlcantaraToll OperationsBeing polite as a team member. Madaling kausap sa schedule.
Roldan Jonas H. ClosasToll OperationsMadaling tawagan pag kailangang mag early in. with sense urgency when assisting motorist. 
Plinky D. GamboaToll OperationsNo customer complaint for 2 months, 2023. Marunong ng mag pasensya sa  irate motorist.
Jan Kelly M. ManaladToll OperationsHard working, madaling kausap sa schedule. Polite and trustworthy.
Kris-Kristoffer P. ZenToll OperationsCan handle irate motorist, mapag pasensya. Hard working, can render OT, 5x a week.
Jennifer LomerioToll OperationsAs a new COC Admin of Cluster 1, Mam Jennifer Lomerio was very supportive to me despite of her busy schedule as new OIC of Cluster 1. She is one call away, she help me to familiarize myself with my new role as coc admin supervisor. Give advice on handling coc cases as well as with the personnel behavior. Such a big help.  I owe a lot to her.
Chinee Rose PingolTraffic OperationsThank you so much for the hard work! I really appreciate your contributions! Incident management, on time submission of horizontal ownership, monitoring of our Specialist’s performances – Sobrang appreciate ko yun. Bilib din ako kung paanu ka makisama sa lahat ng taong nasa paligid mo. Pag meron tayong deliberables, panatag ako at confident ako na we will deliver kasi you are responsible and able to manage your time. Ms. Friendship ng TCR Supervisor! Please continue to inspire our Teammates! Thank you so much Chin.
Michael G. OcampoTraffic OperationsThank you so much for the hard work! The most techie TCR Supervisor. Salamat sa initiatives ng pag create ng links so we could maximize, simplify and effectively monitor our files. Sa pag gawa ng mga forms with formula for PE. Pag spearhead ng additional CCTV projects natin sa TCR.  Please continue to inspire our Teammates! Thank you so much for your contributions Mike.
Freddie D. DulaliaTraffic OperationsThank you so much for the hard work! I really appreciate your contributions! Incident management. Even if bago ka sa TCR, you proved na kaya mo. Appreciate ko talaga yung pagiging focus mo sa trabahaho. You never let your guard down. Talagang pinag bubuti mo ang TCR supervision mo sa abot ng iyong makakaya. I also admire kung paanu ka makisama sa mga kasama natin sa work. Please continue to inspire our Teammates! Thank you so much for all your contributions Fred!

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