JLLB Shares What’s Important in Life

By Madz G. Barcelona

A Round Table Mornings session was held between participants from the Human Resources and Administration Division and our President and General Manager J. Luigi L. Bautista was held on August 26, 2022 via Zoom.  The session was specially hosted by our Executive Secretary Ms. Jheng Moya.

All participants shared about their recent positive happenings like personal highlights or wins, their challenges or roadblocks where they need support and ideas for the future, or excitement for events in motion.

After the sharing, there was a game followed by an opportunity for the participants to ask questions directly to JLLB.  He was very open in answering questions, especially the personal ones.

According to JLLB, our roles every day are to be able to survive daily and to be able to do good things every day.  He mentioned that we tried to juggle five balls – our work, family, health, friends, and soul.   Our work is a rubber ball in the sense that whatever happens, we can still bounce back. The four other balls – family, health, friends, and soul – are balls which we should carefully take care of because those shouldn’t be broken nor damaged.

Everyone thanked JLLB for his personal sharings during the session.

Madz G. Barcelona, Human Resources and Administration. She considers herself as a team player who brings out the best in every person. She enjoys organizing things to make them simpler and better. Madz always gives her best in serving others, especially her loved ones.