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NLEX Marketplace

by Nina Sandel-Sangueza

Online selling nowadays has become the new platform in selling products, replacing the traditional Store outlets. This form of electronic commerce allows sellers to directly market goods or services to a buyer over the Internet using a web browser.

During the quarantine period, e-commerce platforms have been on the rise. With the absence of traditional shopping channels, customers have now flocked to the internet platforms to secure purchases and transactions. Many stores and restaurants have also transitioned online to serve their target market.

As we practice our resiliency in NLEX, the NLEX Marketplace was planned and administered by our Non-Toll Business unit NVC. Last June 30, 2020, NLEX Marketplace has been officially launched. this is our first online platform to sell goods exclusive for NLEX employees only. In just a month it already has 596 members and counting. No need to worry because there are NO bogus sellers here, because the page is exclusive to NLEX employees only. Any items a seller wishes to sell can be posted on this page. Cashless transactions are also encouraged to be used as part of payment means. Here are some items posted based on their categories:

Essential Items for our Health
Beauty Products

Household Items

Bags and Clothing

For Plantitos and Plantitas

In a span of one month we have closed a handful of successful sales between buyers and sellers, here are some of the sellers Testimonials.

“Very helpful po para sa akin ang NLEX Marketplace lalo na po ngayong may pandemic. Additional income po sya sa mga online seller. Sobrang click po ngayon ang pag oonline selling at nakakatulong pa po ako sa mga colleagues ko kahit papano dahil kung may gusto silang bilhin hindi na nila kailangan pang lumabas ng bahay dahil sa NLEX Marketplace mahahanap na nila yung mga kailanga nila.”

Mae Anne Stephanie Fernando, Toll Teller

“Thankful to NMP kasi nagkakaextra income kahit papaano. Also, thankful kasi nakikita naman kung gaano yung support ng ating mga Ka-NLEX lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Also, accessible and safe ka as a consumer. May mga products sa NMP na di ko na kailangan lumayo at makipagsiksikan sa bilihan. Competitive mga price at no need na magbayad ng mga shipping fee. Maganda rin siguro na mas ma-implement pa yung cashless payments and drop off points.”

 Lyra Paz, Creative Specialist    

“Sobrang laki po ng naitulong sa akin ng NLEX Marketplace, thank you po sa lahat ng Admin at sa mga Buyers ko at sa mga magiging buyers ko pa po. Hindi mo na kailangan pang makipag siksikan sa grocery at supermarket dahil isang pm lang andyan na agad ang order mo. Sa opinyon ko po ang galing ng mga nakaisip nito. GOD BLESS po sa ating lahat, Keep Safe and More Power to NMP!!!💕😍😍💕”

Lea Giron, Compliance and Business Excellence 

Buying and selling online can be very convenient and rewarding. It can help you earn those Pesos within clicks, without losing a sweat, plus the big convenience of not having to go to and line up at counter stores and just clicking “Pa order po”. A big plus also are the much-lowered prices compared to store prices. And lastly, the biggest reward is it triggers a new spark of camaraderie to all of us. So, what are you waiting for? Pasok mga suki, presyong Divisoria? Pili Pili lang! and don’t forget that PM is the key!

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