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Love is Not Costly

by Juan Ramon Ampil

February is known to be the love month as we celebrate Valentine’s Day during this time of the year. During this month, people scramble for ideas, gimmicks, restaurant reservations, and gifts to make this month special for their loved ones.

In this issue, we interviewed a behavioral economist, a radio DJ, and some of our NLEX colleagues for dating tipid tips, and on how we can make our loved ones feel special without overspending.

We asked Ms. Rose Fres Fausto (also known as FQ Mom), a behavioral economist, a Philstar.com writer, and the author of an upcoming book called “Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work” to give us some dating tipid tips.

SUPPLYING THOUGHTS. Ms. Rose Fres Fausto, a Behavioral Economist and known as FQ Mom, gives insights on spending to express love.

1. What amount of money should you spend on a date (estimate only especially during the courting stage)

The amount is always relative to how much you have. When it comes to dating expense, ask yourself, “Is it a need, or a want?” For luxury, I give the easy-to-remember FQ Guideline, “Buy a luxury only if you can afford 10 pieces of it!” However, dating expenses may fall somewhere in between a need and a want because choosing a life partner is very important.

Sabi nga ni John Gokongwei, Jr., “Deciding on the one you marry is the most important decision you’ll ever make!” 

2.  What kind of saving and spending advice will you give to those who plan to have a date especially for millennials and for Gen Z. 

It’s Lola Pepay’s advice “Live within your means,but enjoy the fruits of your labor.” Dating is fun and need not be expensive. Be creative with your DIY gifts. Sometimes you attract the right kind of person when you do this, instead of spending something you really can’t afford. Never borrow money just to impress someone on a date. 

3. Any parting words on how to spend your money wisely when courting someone?

Make saving and investing automatic. Set up your investment account such that when you receive your salary, a specified portion is automatically invested for you. This way, you can spend the rest guiltlessly, even on your next date! 🙂

We also interviewed Chico Garcia, a DJ from RX 93.1, and host of one of the longest morning radio show in the country “The Morning Rush” on his thoughts on dating.

CHICO RUSHES IN. Chico Garcia of RX 93.1 also shares his thoughts on how to save while expressing love.

For Chico, dating should be done with caution, especially on the courting stage to avoid a lot more expectations but make your date memorable. He also shared that in dating, just be yourself and do what you enjoy doing when you go out with someone. This way, you have enjoyed your date even if you spend some amount of money for it.

We also asked NLEX employees what are their best but tipid dating places.

For Jay Causapin of NLEX Ventures Corporation, who lives in Quezon City, a quick morning ride with his wife and food trip along UP campus is a date to enjoy.

For Ronnie Lacsamana of MFSP, who is residing in Pampanga, his tipid date is having a picnic at Clark Open Grounds, just enjoying the open field with snacks.

For Paeng of Docs Control, who is from Bulacan, his memorable tipid date is bringing his now fiancee in a carnival in Bocaue. The rides are just 25 pesos, and for him, they bonded and enjoyed each other’s company that night.

What matters most this love month is how we show our loved ones our true love for them. Oh, and don’t forget, our loved ones’ most enduring wish is to be loved by us not only this month, but for the rest of our lives.

To know more about Rose Fres Fausto’s book here is the link where you can buy it https://fqmom.com/bookstore/

You can catch Chico Garcia on RX 93.1 on The Morning Rush, Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 10:00 am

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