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Online Bills Payment as a Life Hack

by Ma. Rhea Rose Santos

When the pandemic broke out, technology became a big part of our lives. Many of the things we used to do — work, classes, meetings, and gatherings — suddenly had to be done online. Routine activities like paying our bills also went digital with online platforms and mobile apps.

I asked some of our co-employees Joshua Sia, Mike Castro, Julius Gatchalian, Larry Olvena and Aaron del Rosario of AMD, and Dio Mejia of CABX regarding their use of online platforms paying their bills.

“Given our current situation due to the pandemic, cashless transaction is much safer” says Aaron. He uses Paymaya to settle his utility bills and to most of establishments that accept online payment.

With PayMaya, Larry enjoys the hassle-free payment of their utility bills. There is no need for him to go out of the house and then fall in line to wait for his turn at another locations.

Prioritizing safety, Dio prefers to use GCash and PayMaya as it limits going out whenever he has online purchases to pay. Also, there are verifications for every successful transaction.

Aside from avoiding long queues and being paperless, GCash is very useful for online transactions according to Joshua. He uses the app for his online purchases and credit card bills. Besides, the app has a lot of interesting features like GSave and GInvest.

To pay their electric bill, Julius uses the Meralco Online app. He finds it convenient because he doesn’t need to go to Bayad Centers or Meralco branches. Payment history can be monitored in the app as well.

For Mike, using the BDO Online is good for a homebody like him, since it does not require him to wear something nice and go outside just to pay his utilities and credit card bills.

Nowadays, limiting activities that will require going out and having interactions with other people is one of the safest things to do to protect yourself from the virus. Hence, these online bill payment applications can really be considered life-savers.

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