The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

by Irish Corpuz

When the pandemic broke out, some of us had to switch to a work-from-home setup and some had to deal with online classes. These days, we’ve gotten used to doing things remotely. But has anyone stopped to ask how this development had affected our finances? Let’s get the insights of our fellow NLEX employees.

Ronie Perez, AMD

Ronie noted a significant increase in his family’s utility bills during the pandemic. While the monthly fee for Internet connectivity — used for work and online classes — is a fixed amount, the rates for electricity and water are not. With everyone at home practically all day long, Ronie ended up paying more for the electricity and water they consumed. Moreover, the tuition fees of students in private schools also increased during the pandemic due to additional charges for IT fees.

Christopher “Cris” Rebanal, AMD

In Cris’ case, the work-from-home arrangement helped him save money. He pointed out: “Nasa bahay ka na and nand’yan na lahat ng needs mo. Unlike kung pumapasok ka, you need to budget for your food and transportation.” Cris also appreciated working from home because he didn’t need to worry about being late. “Gigising ka at babangon sa kama. Then, you can start work right away,” he said. Cris added that the only drawback he felt from working at home was that he wasn’t able to interact with his colleagues.

Nur-Ranji Jajurie, Contracts Administration

At first, Ranji thought that working at home would help him save money. However, since his room was not suited for working, he had to splurge on everything ergonomic: chair, table, desk lamp, keyboard, and so on. Ranji also admitted that since he lives alone and can’t cook, he ended up using Grab Food and Food Panda for food deliveries. On the plus side, working from home allowed Ranji to save time instead of waking up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for work and commute. He was also able to take care of his pet, a puppy, and attend his 6 p.m. graduate school classes without being stressed about traffic. As for the cons, Ranji got antsy whenever a colleague could not respond to his queries right away, and downloading attached files also took more time.

Bien Marisse Caluscusin, Contracts Administration

Bien also loved the fact that she was able to spend more time with family. However, she admitted that there were times when she had a hard time drawing the boundaries between office hours and her personal time.

Ultimately, the financial impact of the pandemic is determined by the choices that we made or continue to make. There are some expenses that we can’t escape. In any case, almost everyone agrees that the good thing about doing things online is that family members are able to spend more time together while staying safe.

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