Linggo ng Wika: Kwentong NLEX

By Ana Riza S. Bringas

Ano ang Kwentong NLEX mo?

In celebration of the “Linggo ng Wika” last August with the theme “Kwentong NLEX”,  employees shared their NLEX stories in poems using the Filipino language. This year,  NLEX Corporation was not only promoting the Filipino language but also encouraging employees to share their journeys and experiences in the language of their hearts.

The theme “Kwentong NLEX” is also a response to I-CARE stories of NLEX employees written in Filipino featuring their life in NLEX.  It is also one way of storytelling of their success, contributions, happiness, gratefulness,  giving thanks, and appreciation to be part of NLEX.

Here are the inspirational stories from our employees in poems with the theme “Kwentong NLEX” that will let you appreciate your stay with NLEX Corporation.

Everyone has a story to share. This is an opportunity for you to share your “ Kwentong NLEX” story. Share your story now!

Ana Riza S. Bringas, Human Resources and Administration. Ana, a person with endless patience and empathy generally enjoys people. She feels connected to people every time she participates in different activities. While having a busy schedule, she finds ways to take a break from the grind to relax and unwind by traveling. She values the memories with her friends too, for her, having a friend is a treasure in this world that must be preserved.