Moving Towards Progress Despite Challenges

An NLEX Corporation Newsletter | Volume No. 3 | May 2021

Featured Articles

Get to know MPTC’s milestone accomplishments in MPT Asia Projects. >>

Know how NLEX displayed resilience even in its 1st Quarter Performance Review. >>

Get to know updates on the MVP Group Vaccine and Immunization Program. >>

Discover how NLEX celebrated its momentous achievements for the past 15 years. >>

Questions for May 2021 issue and winners for April 2021 issue! >>

Other Articles

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Moving Towards Progress despite Challenges as being journaled in this Northlink May 2021 issue. >>

Get to know how our colleagues use this convenient life hack. >>

Discover resilience allows our Connector Road Project team to progress despite the COVID-19 challenge. >>

Get to know how our ESH Team’s lives were changed by the pandemic.>>

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Discover how our colleagues celebrated Mother’s Day during the pandemic. >>

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From tagalized series to Korean Food, discover the trend sweeping the Philippines by storm. >>

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