NLEX Calendar: A New Year Must-Have

By Ma. Rhea Rose N. Santos

Just when a year ends, another year unfolds. During this transition, one thing that appears as one of the most important things for everyone is the calendar. It helps us to keep on track of our day-to-day plans and schedules. Aside from the virtual calendars we have on our devices, it is essential to have a wall calendar at home, or a desk calendar on the office table, where we can easily refer to whenever we are planning our upcoming weeks or months. Thus, our company – NLEX Corporation – makes sure that it provides its employees this “New Year must-have” with different themes per year. The best part is that multiple copies are being distributed per employee.

For so many years, many people within and outside the community have been getting NLEX calendars. But have you ever wondered how far this calendar has reached? Here are some quick stories of our colleagues about who and where their extra copies of NLEX calendars went.

From Marialicel Sudoy of Corporate Finance:

“In our Christmas Salubong last December 24, 2022, I gave a copy of 2023 NLEX calendar to my relatives who live in Samar and Cavite. While browsing its pages, our family gladly recalled our good memories during our family outing in Subic around 2000’s and our family vacation in Baguio, especially my Uncle who visits Baguio from time to time because his son is currently residing there.”

From Charles Limpin of Central Core Systems, Technology:

“Bringing the calendar to my wife’s hometown in Bugallon, Pangasinan has become an annual tradition. My in-laws look forward to receiving NLEX calendar because the images printed there are so beautiful. Furthermore, I also give a copy of NLEX calendar to my sister who lives in Antipolo City, Rizal as this serves as my gift to her every New Year.”

From Roy Periamesa of Project Development and Engineering Services, TDE:

“During holiday season, I always give a lot of NLEX calendars to my family and relatives from San Jose City and Munoz, Nueva Ecija. The 2022 NLEX calendar also reached Guagua, Pampanga and Ilocos provinces thru my neighbors.”

From Jessie Paraan of Central Core Systems, Technology:

“Way back 2017, I gave NLEX calendar to our neighbors in Makati City. Then, it became a tradition every New Year as it serves as my gift to them. They really like the designs and the different concepts every year. One of our neighbors cut-out and frame some of the pictures in the calendar and they hang it in their wall to add colors and style in their home.

I shared some of desk calendars to my wife’s coworkers in Court of Appeals as well. They felt happy putting the NLEX calendar to their table because it adds design to their workstation.

In addition, I similarly spare NLEX calendars for my relatives in Gueguesangen, Pangasinan, Taytay, Rizal, and Camiling, Tarlac every year. Aside from the nice prints, there is also a sense of pride to them that they have a relative who works in one of the prominent companies in the country like NLEX Corporation, in which makes me proud that they felt that way.”

From the beautiful works of art with touching stories to the sense of pride our NLEX calendar brings, people are undeniably delighted to have it. Hence, it is no question that more and more have been anticipating sparing a copy of it every New Year season. Just in case you haven’t looked over the pages of your very own 2023 NLEX calendar with a theme of “Journey to Sustainability”, then this is your sign to scan through and appreciate it.

Ma. Rhea Rose N. Santos, Asset Management. Rhea has been into newsletter writing since she was just a student. As an extrovert, travel and adventures make her feel alive. This civil engineer is just easy to get along with. She is also an aesthetic who has so much love, sunset, and the beach.

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