NLEX Corporation Achieves 10 Million Safe Man-Hours 

By Len C. Jorge

Safety begins with us. This has been part of NLEX Corporation’s values and commitment. In support of the Department of Labor and Employment’s advocacy for an accident-free workplace, we are committed to consistently implementing and strengthening our policies and procedures on safety.

With each one’s participation, we achieved 10 million safe man-hours! 

NLEX has established the highest standard in safety by being certified in ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Gearing up the ladder for improvement, we have designed and accomplished programs that will help employees to better understand the importance of an accident-free workplace and intensify their participation.

Such programs, like near-miss and good catch reporting, encourage employees to be observant in their work areas. This also helps the Environment, Safety, and Health team to enhance their guidelines to achieve the best safety practices in the work area, especially for those who are working in the field.  

To achieve the 10 million safe man-hours is really an enormous success for everyone. This shows that we at NLEX are adapting to the changing organizational operations without sacrificing safety. In fact, we learn to adjust and redesign our safety guidelines and strategies to these changes. Safety is part of our corporate values. 

Why is an accident-free workplace important? Because the safety and well-being of employees are important. Safe and protected environments are desirable for employees, they feel that they are being taken care of. A safe environment also promotes healthy work habits; thus, employees are more likely to be fulfilled and productive.  

All industries have risks and realizing that these risks could cause a major loss of human lives is intolerable. Organizations like NLEX that engage in promoting a healthy and safe environment have the advantage to plan and manage these risks to prevent an immeasurable impact. 

Embedding safety into the hearts of the employees has its advantages too. This enables employees to perform their everyday work with safe practices on hand. These practices help employees to be aware and cautious not only in their work areas but also at home.  

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