NLEX Managers Commit to Strengthened Corporate Values in MPTC’s Build As One Annual Strategic Management Conference 2022

By Sam S. Escolano

MPTC held its Build As One Annual (BAO) Strategic Management Conference 2022 last August 11 and 12, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Manila, City of Dreams. The said conference was attended by managers of all MPTC Business Units, which includes NLEX Corporation.

This year’s BAO featured a plethora of fireside discussions with well-known personalities who expounded on I-CARE Values corporate values, as follows:

  • Innovation – Juana Catalina Rodriguez, Stanford GSB Seed-Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies Executive Coach
  • Corporate Sustainability – Rahul Gupta, McKinsley & Company Solution Leader and Associate Partner / Senior Expert on Sustainability
  • Agility – George Royeca, Angkas Co-Founder and CEO, and Gian Ebao, Maya Chief Technology Officer
  • Responsiveness – Lito Villanueva, RCBC Chief Innovation and Inclusion officer
  • Excellence – Hidilyn Diaz, Olympics Gold Medalist
ROOT-ED. Build As One 2022’s speakers (left to right, top to bottom) Juana Catalina Rodriguez, Rahul Gupta, George Royeca, Gian Ebao1, Lito Villanueva and Hidilyn Diaz cultivated deeper iCARE values insights within the participants. The strengthened corporate values are one of the foundations of MPTC’s corporate strategy.

The fireside discussions allowed in-depth interviews and responses to conference attendees’ queries as facilitated by this year’s BAO host, JC Alelis.

ENGAGED. BAO host Gian Ebao facilitated the fireside discussions and the Q&A, which was filled to the brim with participant’s queries.

BAO 2022 also featured the official launch of the I-CARE theme song and the I-CARE logo. More importantly, it also featured the managers’ commitment to the strengthened corporate values, which was led by REF.

LEADING THE WAY. REF lead the managers’ iCARE commitment ceremony.
199 COMMITTED. The 199 attendees of this year’s BAO fully committed to the iCARE Values.

Truly, as the now-popular values slogan goes, “I-CARE starts with me”.

1Gian Ebao photogtaph taken from

Sam S. Escolano, Tollways Development and Engineering. Sam is a manager of Contracts Administration for the NLEX expansion projects. He is deeply into music, leadership, and service. He loves life, his family, and his NLEX family.