NLEX Sponsors First CSM Summit

By Sigrid C. Shun

Last November 18, 2022, at the Marriott Hotel, forty Communication and Stakeholder Management (CSM) employees from the different business units of Metro Pacific Tollways group of companies gathered with one agenda: identify group plans, plans that can be potentially shared, and Business Unit-specific plans. This was a brainchild between North and South CSM Division Heads, Donna Faylona-Marcelo and Arlette Capistrano.

NLEX President and GM Luigi L. Bautista rightly described the summit’s purpose. He said, “Rightly so, when you share your plans and programs for 2023, and when you collaborate, there will be more visibility for everyone, and by doing so, insights on the various initiatives can be harnessed and you will be in a better position to leverage on each other’s programs to attain better and improved brand impact and customer experience, whether it be in the area of corporate communication, marketing, tourism, account management, corporate social responsibility, community relations, government relations, and so on.”

The summit was not all talk; it is integrated with fun get-to-know-you icebreakers and games in the morning and afternoon sessions facilitated by group COE for Talent Development, Gerry G. Espiritu and Rachelle Ann U. Lee.

After the alignment of the different plans, the next step is to operationalize the group-related initiatives in January 2023.

“Good outcomes come to those who believe; better results come to those who are patient and hardworking; and the best achievements come to those who don’t give up, no matter what.”

Part of JLLB’s message to CSM group

Photos by Marie Jimenez, NLEX CSM.

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