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OneLife Recap: NLEX Trail Run 2019

by Roace Alfonso

Fifty employees braved the 15-kilometer mixed trail of Mt. Parawagan and Mt. Lagyo last Saturday, June 01, for the NLEX Trail Run 2019. First-time runners, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes from different departments joined the run and enjoyed the challenges of the trail.

The trail this year was higher and steeper compared to last year. Two mountains gave the runners a 360 degree view of Metro Manila and the lush greenery of Sitio Wawa. Teamwork soared high throughout the event as the trail runners helped each other during the climb and enjoyed the scenic view together.

After the trail, they were treated to a boodle feast beside the Wawa Dam to celebrate everyone’s victory. The running event ended with an awarding for the top finishers for men’s and women’s dividions. They were awarded with a simple token of appreciation for finishing the trail within their best time.

Top 10 Finishers (Men’s)

  1. CJ Antonio, Finance- 2:10 hrs
  2. Lorenzo Bimmao, Traffic Operations- 2:14 hrs
  3. Garry Arca, Toll Operations- 3:11 hrs
  4. Allan Dollete, Traffic Operations- 3:21 hrs
  5. Ricardo Rontal, Traffic Operations- 3:21 hrs
  6. Manuel Talao, Security Operations- 3:21 hrs
  7. Jesus Ramos, Toll Operations- 3:33 hrs
  8. Jerome Choy Asinas, Toll Operations- 3:50 hrs
  9. Allan Paras, Tollway Development & Engineering- 3:54 hrs
  10. Willie Acas, Tollway Development & Engineering- 3:55 hrs

Top 7 Finishers (Women’s)

  1. Alexandra Espina, Finance- 3:17 hrs
  2. Julie Anne Bautista, Toll Operations- 3:17 hrs
  3. Leonilyn Blanco, Toll Operations- 3:33 hrs
  4. Claire Blen, Traffic Operations- 3:34 hrs
  5. Allysa Guanzon, Toll Operations- 3:50 hrs
  6. Camille Miranda, Toll Operations- 4:46 hrs
  7. Lara Betina Santos, Tollway Development & Engineering- 4:47 hrs

NLEX Trail Run 2019 photos can be accessed at:

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