NLEX Holds Cyber Crime Prevention Orientation

By Jec M. Mercado

September 19, 2022 was one of the most-welcomed orientations by the company. The Republic Act 10175 otherwise known as the Anti Cyber Crime Law orientation was organized by three work units, namely, HRAD, Legal, and Traffic Operations.

(L-R) Tin Paguia (Legal), Madz Barcelona (HRAD), Cathy Del Mundo (Traffic Operations), PNP Legal Service Police Major Maricris Suarez, Atty Cris Funelas (Legal), Robin Ignacio (Traffic Operations) and Michael Mallari (Traffic Operations)

Cybercrime, also called computer crime, is the use of a computer as an instrument to further illegal ends such as committing fraud trafficking child pornography, intellectual property violations, stealing identities, or violation of privacy. The difference between traditional criminal offenses from cybercrime is the use of the computer in committing such offenses.

PNP Legal Service Police Major Maricris Suarez, the facilitator, showed strong mastery on matters concerning the fight against cybercrime. Her pro bono availability made her sincerity felt in aiming for much wider information dissemination.

Police Major Suarez is a lawyer by profession, and a genuine public servant by occupation. Her intelligence and tactics find ways to adapt to street languages, and find ways to combat cybercrime.

The orientation focused on the Republic Act No.101175 or the Cyber Prevention Act of 2012, which was introduced by the Philippine government to combat and prevent cybercrime. This Act was signed by President Noynoy Aquino on September 12, 2012. The original goal of this Act was to penalize acts like cybersex, child pornography, and identity theft.

This is a reminder, let us all think before we click, and let us be responsible keyboard warriors.

Jericho M. Mercado, Traffic Operations. Jericho fondly called Jeck was a product of batch 4 in 2005, before joining the TMC, he was a caregiver in the United States and decided to stay for good in the Philippines and found his real calling from the traffic. Jeck rose from the ranks starting as a Patrol Crew, Motorcycle Rider, Team Leader, Accident Investigator, Security Operations Supervisor, and eventually as an Assistant Manager.  He lives with the saying that ” they call it traffic; he calls it life”