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NLEX ROW-ComRel Stakeholder Management Workshop Held

by Rose ann Santos

NLEX Corporation’s Right-of-Way (ROW) and Community Relations (ComRel) team attended the Stakeholder Management Workshop last January 2021. The two half-day virtual learning sessions facilitated by Government Relations Consultant Robbie Tanada and Alliance Building Assistant Manager Leluck Reyes were conducted at the start of the year to equip the team with added knowledge for competency and skills development.

“Why do we need to identify our stakeholders? The stakeholders can make or break the success of the project. Even if all deliverables are met and the objectives are satisfied, if your key stakeholders are not happy, then nobody’s happy,” said Mr. Tanada. 

ASCEND-ING IN STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT. The ASCEND Framework taught in the workshop equipped employees in their day-to-day interactions with NLEX partners.

At the end of the workshop, the participants learned to identify and manage key stakeholders, their importance, influence, and impact using tools such as the Stakeholder Management Tool, Stakeholder Grid, and ASCEND Framework. Case studies with actual scenarios were also assigned to the 4 groups as part of their learning application. 

Overall, the participants found the topics and insightful experience shared by Mr. Tanada relevant, engaging, and practicable in their respective fields.

READY TO MINGLE. Participants were equipped with tools to identify and manage key stakeholders to enable success of NLEX Corporation projects and initiatives.

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