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NLEX Puts Spotlight on Top Employees in Q4 2020 NLEXemplary Awards

by Rose ann Santos

NLEX Corporation faced different challenges last year. No matter how hard things maybe, one thing remains constant, and that is our unwavering commitment to support and prioritize our employees.

The online NLEXemplary Awarding Ceremony was held last February 26, 2021 to recognize the employees’ hard work and effort. We are recognizing our biggest assets, who went above and beyond during this challenging times.  We always find ways to celebrate their wins and successes.  We continue to honor the people who has exemplary performance and championed the NLEX corporate values, those employees who constantly improve their work because of love and dedication to our beloved company.

“Today, we honor those who have made difficult decisions to ensure the success of a project, to those who made improvements in our processes for better customer experience, to those who made our expressways safer and to those who prudently managed the company’s resources during difficult times. We say thank you for putting in the time, effort and even experiencing long days and sleepless nights to rise above all these challenges. You have continued to live our values of excellence, teamwork, customer focus and innovation through these changing times and you make us proud with all your accomplishment, Thank you so much!,” said Mr. Nemesio Castillo, our proud Tollways Development and Engineering Division Head.  

Watch the video from the Northloop Facebook page below to recognize our colleagues who have shown exemplary performance and who contributed greatly to achieve the company goals from Sept 2020 to Dec 2020 through this link.

Our employees are one in congratulating our awardees! Here are the screenshots of their congratulatory posts:

Congratulations to the NLEXemplary Awardees!   

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