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Investors in People: NLEX Corporation Empowers the Workforce

by Charmina Galvez

Being an Investors in People (IiP)-certified organization is a continuous journey. Our people practices need to be regularly checked to ensure consistent implementation across the organization. Thus, part of our IiP journey is the 12th month review of an IiP assessor to see if we are still on track as far as people standards are concerned.

Last April 23, NLEX ManCom members had a checkpoint meeting via Zoom with Ms. Tes Villanueva of IiP Philippines. The discussion started with a brief presentation on how our organization responded to the pandemic and managed the past year.  

It was an interactive meeting where each member of ManCom excitedly imparted their insights in terms of the business context, goals and strategies, culture, and our current state towards the agility pathway.

Towards the end of the discussion, Ms. Villanueva gave her candid admiration and shared her positive notes on how NLEX Corporation is thriving amidst the challenges and how our present people management practices can bring us to where we want to be in the next assessment and as an organization.

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