Service Awards and Circle of Excellence

by Rose Ann Santos

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) has always strived to make its people feel valued and appreciated. This is the heart of the Service and Circle of Excellence Awards. This year, as in the past year, the awarding ceremony was held online. The two-day virtual event was held last August 12 and 13 and broadcast live across all MPTC Facebook groups.

In his welcome remarks on the first day of the 2021 Service and Circle of Excellence Awards, NLEX President and General Manager Mr. J. Luigi Bautista said, “At the heart of our business priorities and goals are our highly engaged people. We are dedicating two days to celebrate YOU, our MPTC peeps. We deliberately put together this people-directed program because we sincerely recognize your contribution and sacrifice, your individual, as well as your collective efforts and achievements. There is a blueprint in building the best MPTC, it is to focus on you, particularly your inspiring accomplishments.”

The virtual event was hosted by TV and events personalities Mr. Sandro Hermoso and Ms. Justin Peña. They were joined by our home-grown talent, Ms. Rachelle Lee from NLEX’s Human Resources Department.

The Service Awards: Recognizing Passion and Loyalty

The Service Awards recognize employees who have been with the company for five years or more. They are the people who have remained committed to giving their heart, hands, time, and expertise to fuel the company’s growth and success. They were feted on the first day of the 2021 Service and Circle of Excellence Awards.

We are proud to present our Service Awardees for five, 10, and 15 years.

Mr. Allan G. Alfon—President and General Manager of Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) Corporation—addressed the Service Awardees. “Indeed, our highly dedicated people are moving MPTC forward. They are on fire, energized because they love their work,” he said. “They are loyal, always ready to support each other. They are innovative and ready for new challenges and ideas to achieve growth. All of our awardees are deserving to be recognized and emulated for their outstanding service. What MPTC needs is more people like you. Let’s keep moving forward.”

The segment also gave everyone a glimpse of CCLEX project, a huge undertaking that is made possible by passionate employees.

Mr. Allan Alfon, CCLEC President & General Manager
20 Years of Service: Extraordinary Commitment

Service Awardees who have been with the company for 20 years were among those honored on the second day of the 2021 Service and Circle of Excellence Awards.

In his opening remarks, MPT Mobility President and General Manager Mr. Raul L. Ignacio thanked the Service Awardees for their dedication and reiterated their vital role in the growth of MPTC. “The past year and a half have been unusual and challenging for everyone and we are truly grateful that our employees have remained dedicated amidst this troubling times. We are also in the process of growing our business and expanding MPTC through our diversification and transformation initiatives,” he said.

Mr. Ignacio went on to discuss MPTC Mobility, the new business unit that will take the MPTC organization into the mobility infrastructure arena. He stated, “Our employees’ reliable and quality performance is crucial in traversing these uncharted waters. We also hope that this ceremony and stories of success it represents serve as an inspiration to the other members of the organization.”

Mr. Raul Ignacio, MPT Mobility President & General Manager
20-year Service Awardees – From left to right: Mr. Ronald Dulatre, Ms. Rowena Flores, Ms. Ma. Theresa Wells, and Mr. Romulo Quimbo, Jr.

Meet our 20-year Service Awardees.

Our company’s visionary and main strategist— MPTC president and CEO Mr. Rodrigo Franco—also had a message for the Service Awardees. He highlighted the fact that they helped the company keep going despite the threat of COVID-19.

Mr. Franco remarked: “Throughout the crisis, we were steadfast, we continued to operate and fulfill religiously our role of providing a critical transport infrastructure that allowed the flow of goods, commerce, and the travel of our fellowmen. All of these are essential services that we were allowed to continue to flow. We were able to continue our vital function and we refused to be immobilized by this crisis. This crisis brought out the best in our people. While all of our employees are heroes during the crisis, by keeping the wheels of our business running during the pandemic, we are honored today to recognize several employees who performed extraordinary deeds.”

Mr. Rodrigo Franco, MPTC President & CEO

MPTC’s Circle of Excellence: The Culture of Winning

The Circle of Excellence Awards is MPTC’s most prestigious recognition program for employees who have consistently embodied the company’s core values—which include customer focus, integrity, teamwork, innovation, excellence, and social responsibility.

Meet this year’s Circle of Excellence Awardees.

Southlink Team – Living the Values Award “Teamwork” | Patrellers – Living the Values Award “Teamwork & Social Responsibility”
IiP Champions – Living the Values Award “Teamwork”
Ms. Benilda Manoot – MPTC Excellence, Individual Category

The two-day virtual event ended with the office tour of the MPTC’s first sustainable building, the Manila Pacific Tollways (MPT) South Hub.

In his closing remarks MPT South president and general manager Mr. Roberto Bontia ended the program with an inspiring message for the awardees and the whole MPTC community.

“There is also one other dimension that we should never forget, and that is the value of persistence. These are our Service Awardees extolling what is meant by loyalty, by commitment to hard work and the heart of service,” Mr. Bontia said. “If you get to step back, you will realize that all of these are actually archetypes of the heroic because they demonstrate our ability to be creative and innovative. They also provide true to life examples of our capacity to do good and at the same time they inspire the rest of the organization to claim our own heroic potentials. We need the heroics as we navigate beyond what is happening now and return to the path our organization needs to take towards our higher purpose and aspirations.”

Mr. Roberto Bontia, MPT South President & General Manager

MPTC employees from various locations posted their photos as they celebrated with our awardees online. They enjoyed the virtual raffle and participated in the core values video contest and games. All in all, the two-day event was a virtual success.

MPTC employees congratulate our awardees.

Here’s the full video of Day 1 of 2021 Service and Circle of Excellence Award:

You may want to relive the second day virtual awarding ceremony through this video:

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