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NLEXalamat: NLEX Corp’s 2020 Christmas Celebration
“Salamat sa Blessings ng Pasko”

by Rose Ann Santos

“’Tis the season to be jolly… Fa la la la la, la la la la.“

Christmas is just around the corner! Indeed, this is the season to be jolly! Despite the challenges that we’ve been through this year – the pandemic, the barrage of natural calamities, economic crisis, and even our own personal pains and struggles, Christmas is still coming. 

NLEX Corporation thought of ways to celebrate Christmas in the new normal. Here are the fun and exciting activities for NLEX Corporation’s 2020 Christmas Celebration: 


Gift giving has been part of the Filipino Christmas tradition and since we all did great this year, we all deserve to receive a gift! All NLEX Corp employees received a surprise gift every Friday of November: On Nov 06  – a Facemask Holder (#somethinghard); Nov 13 – Alcohol Holder (#somethingessential); Nov 20 – Giant Cookie (#somethingsweet), and Nov 27 – Ham (#somethingforeveryone). 

“Lahat naka add to cart pero no need to checkout kasi nabigay na lahat ni NLEX during Kris Kringle Friday! #NLEXalamat talaga! 😊

– Rich Sotocua of NVC

“What I feel about our Kris Kringle Fridays is the care of the company for its employees. We know how hard this year was but the company didn’t forget na kahit sa munting paraan ay pinaparamdam nila na there’s a reason to celebrate and cherish the blessings we have.”

– Lorvin Pena of Customer Experience and Marketing

 “I just want to appreciate the idea of Kris Kringle Fridays, kasi kaming mga employees hindi na namin ma-implement yan sa bawat departments and we cannot afford to go places para mamili pa because of our situation (COVID-19).” 

– Mico Ugaban of NVC Advertising


The virtual party was held last Dec 4, 2020 via FB Northloop Page with a theme, “Salamat sa Blessings ng Pasko”

As in our past Christmas parties, the virtual celebration started with a Thanksgiving Mass followed by the program proper – NLEX Christmas Station ID, NLEX Music Club Performances, Comedy Skit, Tiktok Winners, and Live Raffle and Trivia Games.

Before the afternoon celebration, pre-drawn raffle winners were announced, and sumptuous meals were served to the employees who were working on-site. 

Relive the fun by watching our online 2020 Christmas Party video thru this link.


Kudos to the team behind the successful launch of the first ever NLEX Christmas Station ID, “Salamat sa Blessings ng Pasko.”

The STATION ID is a summary of each employee’s and individual’s sacrifice to heed the company’s call, in response to all the trials and challenges the company faced. Our employees’ unwavering commitment to persevere and press on a continual pursuit for safety and a passion to serve are truly admirable and are valued by management.

The whole management team appreciate every effort given and recognize each initiative for a better tomorrow. It has been a great journey with everyone as we move on to the next phase – a better normal.

Enjoy watching! Here is the link for the NLEX Station ID.


Our current online setup was never a hindrance for our gifted and creative employees to showcase their talents and entertain us with their wit. Go watch these videos and laugh till your stomach hurts! 


Zoomedy is a comedy skit about the present office and work from home meetings happening in the Zoom App. Comical situations from the Support Team and individuals are sure to make us laugh. Watch it here!


Inday Rapid is a comedy skit depicting some experiences of the RFID team in their daily customer interactions. Certainly, a day in the RFID Team will make us cheerful and merry. Click this link to watch!


The adventures of PC Capalad, is a hilarious comedy skit about an individual working in our Traffic Operations – Patrol Crew (PC) Capalad. Funny moments that make each of us giggle and remind us about the simple joys of everyday. Watch it here!

Tiktok Challenge Winners

Congratulations to our winners! Shown in this link are the TOP 10 entries with the most number of reactions.

Credits to Mark Lorena
Thank you po Lord at sa lahat ng nag support mga ka halaman 🤣😇🙏
#NLEXalamat #NLEX2020christmasparty #top2tayo

On-site Celebration

Behind the facemasks and face shields, you will see the happy smiles of our employees. Despite the physical distance, we all celebrated the party as one NLEX Family. NLEX Hub employees were taken by surprise with the unexpected visit of NLEX President and GM, Mr. Luigi Bautista, to their respective offices while the program was running online. 

Here are some of the photos captured by our dear employees at their work stations while enjoying the online party:  

Our 2020 Christmas Party Celebration was indeed a memorable one because of everyone’s online presence and active participation. Merry Christmas NLEX Corporation! Kayo ang blessings ng pasko!

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