Highlights of the 2021 NLEX Christmas Party

by Jaimee Faustino

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, NLEX Corporation prioritized the need to ensure that everyone stayed healthy. Thus, the company’s Christmas party was held virtually once more. 

The virtual party, with the theme “Himig ng Pasko sa NLEX,” was held last December 9, 2021 via the Northloop Facebook page.  

ALL NLEX employees received gift certificates and special items in the pre-drawn raffle. The results of the raffle were announced during the morning celebration.

The afternoon celebration started with a Thanksgiving Mass followed by the program proper, which included fun games and raffles. It also featured performances from Noel Cabangon and the Philippine Madrigal Singers. A simple yet delicious meal was served for lunch to employees working on site.

Let’s all relive the excitement and fun by watching our online 2021 Christmas Party video through this link.

Here are some of the highlights of the celebration.

Our gifted employees never fail to amaze us with their creativity and admirable talents. Watch them again here!


The Traffic Operations presentation was titled “Iisang Himig na May Nais Ipahiwatig,” which is about celebrating miracles and giving love on Christmas by prioritizing the need of NLEX motorists. 

For their part, Toll Operations had “Sa Himig ng Pasko, Dama ang Pag-asa ng Bawat Tao” as their theme. It was all about celebrating Christmas filled with hope and optimism for the future. Toll Operations will remain positive and committed to providing service for everyone. 

Meanwhile, the Support Group presented “Isang Tinig, Isang Himig,” an original composition about celebrating Christmas with love and faith. 


Fun games are always part of NLEX celebrations. Among the games played during the online Christmas party were the photo collage game and “Caroloke.”

Here are the works of the photo collage winners.  

The Caroloke winners were Love Joy Pacis, Trina Paguiligan, and Cherilyn Bernardo.

Caroloke winners were chosen by our judge, Maricris Garcia, Pinoy Pop Superstar singer and actress. Have a watch and listen. 


We always consider our executives as serious and formal when they are in the office, but our employees were happily surprised seeing them in a different light when they sang for us. Watch their carol videos here! 

Group 1’s performance was dubbed “Tuloy Pa Rin ang Pasko,” which featured Christmas songs that were carefully chosen to tell the story of hope, joy, and being with one’s family.  All the participants sang songs in their offices and homes, which will gave us a glimpse of how they celebrated the holiday season with their family in NLEX and at home. 

Group 2’s “Ang Himig ng Paskong Payapa” focused on sharing the peace and joy of Christmas with colleagues in NLEX.  

The diverse group came together in the spirit of camaraderie, courage, and good fun. With much enthusiasm and full participation from all 13 members, the practice sessions and the actual shoot were often filled with laughter.


Despite holding the party virtually, we still all celebrated as one family as we watched the same screen in different locations. 

Here are some of the photos taken and shared by our employees as they enjoyed the party. 

The NLEX 2021 Christmas Party Celebration was indeed extraordinary and unforgettable because of everyone’s active participation.  We all felt the love and excitement wherever we were.

In time, we look forward to celebrating a face-to-face Christmas party once more.

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