EES Results Are In

by Charmina Galvez

Like other high performing organizations, MPTC believes that its employees are the company’s greatest assets. Thus, our management looks after its employees’ welfare and ensures that engagement is maintained. To systematically monitor and evaluate all the efforts for sustainable engagement, the company conducts an Employee Engagement Survey (EES) every two years to find out how to improve different aspects of the organization and work environment.

In August this year, 95% of the total MPTC regular employee population participated in the EES, which was done in partnership with Willis Towers Watson. The number of survey participants logged a 3% increase from the last survey conducted in 2018, propelling MPTC’s sustainable engagement rate to 96%.

NLEX Corporation, the biggest business unit of MPTC, got a 96% sustainable engagement score, with 990 (98%) of all its regular employees responded. When benchmarked with its historical score, this also went up by 3%.

Of the 17 categories where employees’ engagement was assessed, NLEX Corporation got a favorable score on three key drivers: Strategy, Direction & Objectives; Work Tools & Business Systems; and Teamwork & Collaboration. These key drivers have the greatest impact among all the categories of employee engagement as they can either pull up (if positive scores are recorded) or pull down (if negative scores are recorded) the other categories.

Employee Engagement Categories

A series of FGDs were conducted per division and per job level to gather qualitative information through employees’ opinions, perceptions, observations, and experiences. The FGDs provided more context to the EES results and an opportunity to gather suggestions from the employees.

In light of the results, action plans have been developed to further strengthen engagement and boost scores in areas for improvement. Good practices have been identified to sustain high engagement scores.

The HR Account will cascade to employees the EES results along with the action plans for each division in the last quarter of the year.

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