HCMS Phase 2: HR Goes Digital

by Charmina Galvez

In its desire to make better decisions using analytics and become a more strategic partner, HR has digitized its processes.

Various transactions will be automated through the Human Capital Management System (HCMS). This digitally transformed system can also generate data that will be useful in analyzing workforce trends, create business cases for HR interventions, and assess the effectiveness of programs.

The second phase of the HCMS project covers modules of core HR processes such as recruitment, training, performance management, career development, and succession planning. By activating these modules, HR can focus more on acquiring, developing, and retaining the right people in the organization. As relevant data becomes available, collaborations, analysis, and strategies will emerge.

 Recruitment and Selection

With the Recruitment module, there is no need to manually fill out MRFs and routing slips for approvals. As all our job portals will be integrated, and the following activities will be automated.

Talent Management and Performance Management

The Talent and Performance Management modules streamline multiple mechanisms. Forms for KPIs, Individual Development Plans, and performance reviews that are submitted to HR yearly will be recorded directly into the system by the employee and immediate superior. All activities listed below can be supported by the system in terms of timely updating, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of information.

As of this writing, HCMS Phase 2 is 100% completed and is sure to be ready to Go Live on the first half of November 2021.

Indeed, HCMS will be the tool that will increase the efficiency in getting tasks done and enhance our HR services.

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