President’s Message



By Rodrigo E. Franco

My dear NLEX colleagues, as we begin our 2018 journey, it is timely that we reflect on our mission as a company.

We enable mobility and make everything accessible through world class expressways, transforming the region’s landscape — bringing good life to people.  This is the mission that we set for our company.  It defines the very core of our existence as a tollway company.

Our role in society is to bring good life to people by developing world class infrastructure.  We build and operate roads that transform the landscape of the regions.  The highways facilitate the movement of people and goods efficiently, safely, inclusively, and sustainably.

We build not simply roads but connections.  These transport connections get people closer.  They cut the distance between places.  They link lives and families.  They foster the growth of communities.  By building connections, we improve the quality of relationships among the citizens.  We help bring our nation together!

We have already seemed the transformative power of transport connections.  Witness what happened to Marilao and Meycauayan after we opened exits in these formerly sleepy municipalities.  While completed only in 2010, our extension to Mindanao Avenue accelerated the development in that part of Quezon City.  After we acquired its concession, SCTEX extended our seamless expressway network to Subic and Tarlac.  The high quality and lengthy Northern expressway network from NLEX to SCTEX and, eventually, to TPLEX, contributed to the blossoming of the vacation spots of La Union, Baguio and other neighbouring provinces.

Due to our country’s severe lack of infrastructure, we see an opportunity to build more transport projects and connectivity.  We are about to complete our Segment 10 that will bring our NLEX network to the Port Area.  This project will give us presence in the nerve center of the country’s international and domestic trade.

Early works for the Connector Road Project will start construction within the second half of this year.  This road is a critical link between the northern and southern expressways of Luzon. Motorists will be able to bypass the congested urban roads of Metro Manila when travelling from the northern to the southern part of the country’s main island, or vice versa.

We are also readying the construction of NLEX Phase 3 that will make the provinces of Bataan and Zambales easily accessible.  In the preparatory stage is Segment 8.2 that will extend NLEX to Commonwealth Avenue in the Diliman area.  This road segment will provide a critical artery to the densely populated areas in eastern Metro Manila and Rizal province.  We are fine tuning unsolicited proposals that will link NLEX and Cavitex.  Also in the drawing board are important extensions of SCTEX.

The growth and expansion of our expressway network will not stop.  Modern transportation systems form integral building blocks for a modern society. Efficient and safe movement of people and goods ensures a thriving economy and an improved quality of life.

My dear colleagues, our corporate mission involves the development of transport infrastructure systems that contribute to the economic and social well-being of our nation.  Let us make sure we do our jobs well in pursuit of our mission. We should embrace new methods and new technologies to effectively build and operate infrastructure that delivers the greatest benefit inclusively, to the benefit of all.

I look forward to 2018 as another year when we make a big difference in our society!

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