Northlink Read to Win

Northlink Read to Win is bigger and better! Employees will not only get to enjoy bigger prizes at PHP 500 GC, they will also get more chances of winning as prizes will be raffled off to those who send correct answers until June 4, 2021.

Enjoy reading Northlink, and win!

Questions for May 2021 Issue:

  1. How much was generated by the sale of DMT shares?
  2. Who conducted the IiP Checkpoint meeting and expressed candid admiration on how NLEX Corporation is thriving amidst the challenges?
  3. What are the four top reasons why why the organization and its business units should seek IA’s advice in addressing governance, risk management and control processes issues?
  4. Share one of the life lessons learned by Elvin from his experience.
  5. How many small businesses are highlighted in Spotlight’s On?

Winners for March 2021 Issue:

The correct answers for the March 2021 Issue Northlink Read to Win are:

  1. What advice did Ms. Lea Wong remind women to practice constantly? Practicing self-compassion and kindness towards ourselves
  2. What Korean Drama series did Ms. Donna Marcelo become fond of during the pandemic? Crash Landing On You
  3. When is the pre-registration deadline for the COVID-19 Vaccination Program? April 12, 2021
  4. What should you do when your clothes catch fire?
  • STOP what you’re doing. 
  • DROP to the ground and cover your face if you can.
  • ROLL over and over or back and forth until the flames go out. Running will only make the fire burn faster.

5. Who are the two women featured as Women Doing “Men’s Work”? Patrol Khate Sabado and Patrol Mylene De Leon

The following are the PHP 200 GC winners for the March 2021 issue:

  1. Aleckza Marie R. Garcia
  2. Airyn C. Gimeno
  3. Jenevile A. Molina
  4. Karen Shane Atenas
  5. Ana Luisa L. Cruz
  6. Bizen P. Gonzales
  7. Aries A. Galang
  8. Yrwina Faye DC. Jose
  9. Claire Nicole A. Mendoza
  10. Abigael C. Lopez

Congratulations! Please contact Ms. Charm Galvez of HRAD for your prizes.

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