Northlink Read to Win

Questions for February Issue:

  1. Who posted a photo of a perfectly-arched rainbow along NLEX in his Facebook account with the caption “View from NLEX..sign of God’s promise to hope for the better days to come”?
  2. Who are the two celebrities who shared their tipid dating tips with Northlink?
  3. How much are Kuya Rey’s  hearing aids and where did he buy it?
  4. What framework was taught during the NLEX Stakeholder Management Workshop?
  5. Which Filipino Pop boy group fascinated one NLEX employee so much that she rediscovered her passion for art? 

Winners for December 2020 Issue:

The correct answers for the December 2020 Issue Northlink Read to Win are:

  1. How did Sir Raul Ignacio end his presentation during the Business Plan rollout? Sir Raul expressed confidence that NLEX will be able to take on 2021.
  2. When asked between beauty or brains, what did Sir Renie Ticzon choose? Brains
  3. How many employees shared their 2021 new years’ resolution? Six
  4. What is Ma’am Mayen Ligot thankful for this 2020? Ms. Mayen is thankful dahil “araw-araw pa din sya ginigising ni Lord”.
  5. What Marikina restaurant that serves Italian food is featured in this issue? Café Lidia

The following are the winners for the December 2020 issue:

  1. Yrwina Faye DC. Jose
  2. Ana Luisa L. Cruz
  3. Bizen P. Gonzales
  4. KC A. Delos Santos
  5. Janeth S. Aquino
  6. Jahzeel C. Ramos
  7. Kristine R. Paguia
  8. Lourdes N. Beliran

Congratulations! Please contact Ms. Charm Galvez of HRAD for your prizes.

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