Northlink Read to Win

Northlink Read to Win is bigger and better! Employees will not only get to enjoy bigger prizes at PHP 500 GC, they will also get more chances of winning as prizes will be raffled off to those who send correct answers until August 13, 2021.

Enjoy reading Northlink, and win!

Questions for June 2021 Issue:

  1. Complete the quote of our Vice President for Operations, who wrote for the Podium in this issue: “W_____ m_____ o m________ t_______, l_____ a_ i________”
  2. Name at least five (5) tips to be a great driver as presented in this issue.
  3. Name personalities who influenced and made a big impact in the lives of the attendees of the Roundtable Mornings with JLLB.
  4. Who were the father-executives featured in this issue?
  5. What is the name of the two-part online learning session for secretaries and executive assistants as headed by Ms. Lea Nebre?

Winners for May 2021 Issue:

The correct answers for the May 2021 Issue Northlink Read to Win are:

  1. According to our Vice President for Project Management, where does NLEX Corporation’s internal strength lie? Our strength relies not on external factors, but in our ability to surpass external challenges through agility, collaboration, innovation, and excellence
  2. What MPT Asia Projects were featured in this issue? A.P. Pettarani Elevated Toll Road and Hanoi Highway Phase 1
  3. Name one of our President and General Manager’s reminders to NLEX managers in closing the 1st Quarter Performance Review. One of the following:
    1. Stewardship encompasses service
    2. Given that the game is changing, NLEX is called to expand its gaze
    3. NLEX is being sifted and cannot get through these uncertain times the same – it could either regress or it could evolve. 
    4. He exhorted the managers to strive to make sure that NLEX evolves into a better organization.
  4. When are people considered as fully protected after their second dose of vaccine? Two weeks after second dose of vaccine.
  5. Name one of the online payment facilities features in this issue. One of the following:
    1. Paymaya
    2. GCash
    3. Meralco Online App
    4. BDO Online

Out of the 10 participants who sent correct answers, the following are the PHP 500 GC winners for the June 2021 issue:

  • Michelle Guillermo, Asset Management
  • Winbert Regondola, Technology Management
  • Kathleen Ronquillo, CSM
  • Vanessa Yett Echor, Asset Management
  • Bizen Gonzales, TDE
  • Melissa Balagot, TDE

Congratulations! Please contact Ms. Charm Galvez of HRAD for your prizes.

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