Northlink Read to Win

Northlink Read to Win is bigger and better! Employees will not only get to enjoy bigger prizes at PHP 500 GC, they will also get more chances of winning as prizes will be raffled off to those who send correct answers until July 16, 2021.

Enjoy reading Northlink, and win!

Questions for June 2021 Issue:

  1. According to our Vice President for Project Management, where does NLEX Corporation’s internal strength lie?
  2. What MPT Asia Projects were featured in this issue?
  3. Name one of our President and General Manager’s reminders to NLEX managers in closing the 1st Quarter Performance Review.
  4. When are people considered as fully protected after their second dose of vaccine?
  5. Name one of the online payment facilities features in this issue.

Winners for May 2021 Issue:

The correct answers for the May 2021 Issue Northlink Read to Win are:

  1. How much was generated by the sale of DMT shares? (More than) Php7 Billion
  2. Who conducted the IiP Checkpoint meeting and expressed candid admiration on how NLEX Corporation is thriving amidst the challenges? Ms. Tes Villanueva of IiP Philippines
  3. What are the four top reasons why why the organization and its business units should seek IA’s advice in addressing governance, risk management and control processes issues?
    1. IA offers a macro-level perspective.
    2. IA provides objective insight and foresight.
    3. IA builds consensus and manages conflicts.
    4. IA offers feasible, future-proof, and sustainable solutions.
  4. Share one of the life lessons learned by Elvin from his experience.
    1. Encourage everyone to have themselves screened for whatever disease they may have, especially those with family history regardless of absence of symptoms
    2. Seek God and have a personal relationship with Him. 
    3. Be thankful for whatever blessings we are receiving because no one knows until when they will last.
    4. To not be consumed and pressured with worldly expectations and desires, seek what is eternal, and live every moment of your life to the fullest.
  5. How many small businesses are highlighted in Spotlight’s On? Six

Out of the forty-four (44) participants who sent correct answers, the following are the PHP 500 GC winners for the May 2021 issue:

  • Vince Culalic
  • Jocelyn Valentino
  • Abigael Lopez
  • Kristel Jade Silao
  • Michelle S. Guillermo
  • Christian Joseph B. Antonio

Congratulations! Please contact Ms. Charm Galvez of HRAD for your prizes.

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