Northlink Read to Win is bigger and better! Employees will not only get to enjoy bigger prizes at PHP 500 GC, they will also get more chances of winning as prizes will be raffled off to those who send correct answers until January 14, 2022.

Enjoy reading Northlink, and win!

Questions for October-November 2021 Issue:

  1. What is the most recent certification that NLEX Corporation has garnered this year as discussed in The Podium?
  2. Complete JLLB’s statement as discussed during the 3rd Quarter Performance Review: “In NLEX, we ________________, we ______________, without _____________. Bakit? Kasi, ____________!”
  3. Give a topic covered by the CXS training.
  4. How much did NLEX Corporation’s sustainable engagement score increase compared to historical figures?
  5. Give one key objective of NLEX’s Business Continuity Management System.

Winners for September 2021 Issue:

The correct answers for the September 2021 Issue Northlink Read to Win are:

  1. What are the five pillars NLEX CIA uses in evaluating road crashes? Road Safety Management, Road Condition, Vehicle Condition, Road User, Post-Crash Response
  2. What is the title of the headline article referred to by REF in this issue’s From the Top? The Coronavirus Is Here Forever. This is How We Live With It. (The Atlantic)
  3. What was the self-help book recommended in this issue’s SoulFull? The Book of Ichigo Ichie (The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment, The Japanese way)
  4. What modules have been developed for HCMS Phase 2? Recruitment and Selection, and Talent Management and Performance Management
  5. Who joined LMW during the ribbon cutting and opening ceremony of Sta. Rita Vaccination Site? Dr. Deogracias Alberto Reyes, Medical Director of Sacred Heart Hospital, and Mr. Kyle Veneracion of Metro Pacific Hospitals Holdings

Out of the nine (9) who sent correct answers, the following are the PHP 500 GC winners for the September 2021 issue:

  • Michael Mercado
  • Christopher Donsol
  • Kristine Paguia
  • Bizen Gonzales
  • Janeth Aquino
  • Edwin Jonjon Mendoza

Congratulations! Please contact Ms. Charm Galvez of HRAD for your prizes.

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