Reinventing the Game of Life

by Jovit Caballero and Nina Sangueza

Just as established brands need upgrading to outlast, everyone must constantly reinvent themselves to keep up in the game of life. We should grab every opportunity to be more than what others expect us to be because we have that within us – naturally. Every day is a chance to outgrow the past versions of ourselves.

One of our co-employees named Earnest Efren Reyes from Hagonoy, 35 years old and currently assigned as a Security Crew under the Traffic Operations Department has been constantly reinventing himself without losing his identity along the process.

At a very young age, he already found his passion for physical activities and sports – specifically basketball. This paved the way for improving his health and unintentionally reinventing himself from a lean and lanky boy to an athletic and muscular man.

He eventually enrolled at Bulacan State University (BSU), took Physical Education, and became a member of the varsity team. Due to financial instability, he was forced to have another self-reinvention during his early years in college. He needed to find a source of income, so he applied as a trainer for the women’s basketball team.

In 2012, while studying and working as a trainer, he decided to marry his long-time girlfriend. This was another major milestone in his life and another chance to rethink and realign his goals. As a married man, he immediately lessened his time with friends and focused more on his studies and job. He concentrated on his objective to graduate on-time and continue to work hard so he can save enough money for his future family.

Right after his graduation in 2014, he knew he needed to find a more stable job and that’s when he was informed by one of his close friends that there was an opening for a Gym Instructor at NLEX.

Straightaway, he applied for the position and luckily, he was hired under Southbend at our ODB Sta. Rita office. Even without enough knowledge in working as a Gym Instructor back then, he made sure that he always works at his best to adapt and learn the know-hows of his job.

While working as a Gym Instructor, he was noticed and scouted by Sir Pio Tumpang, who was forming a team for Tollways Olympics for Men’s Volleyball at that time.

Since company sports events need athletes who are also employees of the MPTC group, he was offered a job under the Security Operations Group. With his desire to get better and excel, he grabbed the opportunity to apply at NLEX as a Security Crew and was hired last June 2017.

Since then, he became very visible in every company-related sports event – Tollways Olympics Volleyball Team, MVPO Basketball Team, the PBA 3×3 League under the Cavitex Team, Makabansa Basketball League representing Bulacan, and many more.

Having basketball as his passion, he unsurprisingly bagged numerous trophies and medals that he will surely treasure for the rest of his life.

“As a Security Crew, I have learned new things about myself and that made me reinvent myself to the person I want to be. Just like playing basketball, I have to adjust based on the flow of the game. I am very blessed because I have a decent job that supports my family and at the same time lets me continue to do my passion in the sports I truly love. I can really say that I am now living the best of both worlds!”. – Reyes

Undeniably, there is nothing more incredible in life than reinventing yourself constantly and allowing yourself to be better every day.

Jovit D. Caballero, Tollways Development and Engineering. Jovit entered the company as a TAP trainee in 2014 and is currently assigned as a Contracts Engineer. He is a photography hobbyist who wants to explore his artistic and creative side. He is a foodie who is also a big fan of reality and game shows. As an adventurous guy, he is open to trying new things and ultimately achieves his goal to travel the world. G?