Savings Strategies Through Entrepreneurship

By Marvie C. Paraiso

“Entrepreneurship is all about marketing,” said Butch Salvador, our guest speaker during our Lunch and Learn held at Integrity Onelife Gym last March 22.

Information overload, right? So first, let’s break down his definition of Entrepreneurship.

Joined by 25 learners, he further explained that it is about solving problems of our identified market by outsourcing services of trusted people whom we will partner with to expand our business wisely through fixed commission, network, strategic social media marketing, and branding.

SOLVING PROBLEMS. First, we must ask ourselves, “What does my market need?”

It’s not always about what our interests are or what products we could come up with depending on our skills. Identify first the demographics of your Market and what they need.

OUTSOURCING SERVICES. The Go Negosyo mentor and Car Magic Auto Paint Owner shared how he started with outsourcing a friend who was a skilled car painter and marketed it with just PHP 10.00 to photocopy his fliers! He advised that it’s better to utilize business services in the long run than products based on varying trends.

PARTNERING WITH TRUSTED PEOPLE. From there, Sir Butch partnered with small business owners and offered free trainings, equipment, and capital in exchange for a fixed commission. He said it’s important to trust people to be able to delegate the job as the business expands. Through a partnership, he was able to support their growth and development while maximizing his time and resources to multiply his businesses.

EXPANDING BUSINESS WISELY. Entrepreneurs must continuously improve their knowledge to keep up with the technological advancements and use them to their advantage. Sir Butch emphasized the need to learn strategic usage of social media to market services and brands. And as one aspires to be successful in entrepreneurship, he or she must learn the art of delayed gratification over instant, invest more in assets over liabilities, and the most practical one, is to live within one’s means.

Truly, entrepreneurship needs loads of discipline. It’s hard, yes, but we could choose our difficulty. It’s just up to us what we are prepared to endure.

Marvie C. Paraiso, Human Resources and Administration. Marvie can usually be found looking at the skies with earphones in her ears and wandering off in her wonderland. She loves stories that tinker with her curious mind and make her belly chuckle. She enjoys the sound of music, raindrops, and laughter and the thrill of adventures and the sceneries of a long tiring trip—actually, she relishes it more than the journey’s end.

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