Smart Solutions: Innovations in Energy

By Len C. Jorge

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Over the years, there has been a rising demand for energy, and every year the increasing demand is evidently alarming.  According to the 2016 published report by the US Energy Information Administration, the total energy consumption is expected to rise by 48% before 2040

The ever-rising energy hunger has become a global threat; thus, the term Energy Management System (EMS) was born. This is one smart solution that encompasses our daily activities to use energy efficiently. 

As appealing as it sounds, having an EMS in place not only demonstrates how to use energy effectively, but also economically. As cost-effectiveness is its primary selling point, organizations around the world have been integrating energy management into their process. 

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NLEX Corporation is not a stranger to these improvements. We are one of the many companies that support system energy management and waste reduction. In fact, we are integrating these improvements into our operations. 

A few of the systems in place are the use of solar panels in selected areas and replacing conventional lighting with LED lights in buildings and expressways for cost-effective energy consumption. Recently, motion light sensors were put in place to save energy in unoccupied spaces.  A study and testing of hybrid vehicles was also done.

In addition, one of the initiatives is to go digital on some processes to reduce waste. This will not only reduce waste; it will also equally support facility management and achieve environmental sustainability.  

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NLEX is setting the bar high to achieve the required quality standard in our processes. To be sure that the requirement is implemented well, we aim to be ISO 50001 certified – Energy Management System. Not only will this help in the effective use of energy, but also to reduce its environmental impact. 

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ISO 50001 EMS is a global standard for organizations that aims to improve their energy management. It helps organizations to incorporate an internationally recognized framework in implementing energy management systems.  

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