Keeping a Strong Faith

by Lani B. Marcelino & Charmina M. Galvez

Despite the limitation imposed on the number of physical attendance in public masses and group worships, Catholic churches and other religious groups assured their members that masses and services will still be accessible to all parishioners through online live streaming.

Online masses made practicing the faith accessible, if not more accessible, at home

Participating in mass from home emphasizes that nothing can set us apart from our faith in God. While compliance to health and safety protocols should be our top concern, it is also the time when strengthening our faith is very vital – uniting ourselves and everyone in our family to God.

Church groups have also adopted the new normal set-up

Here are some testimonies by our colleagues with regards to worshipping at home.

“Attending mass online gives me the opportunity to contemplate and reflect on my own. I have more time to understand what God wants to teach me and how I can be a blessing to others. It is also more peaceful as we can listen to the Word of God in the comfort of our own homes.”

 Arianne Joyce “Ari” Montano, Customer Experiencing & Marketing

“Calls for social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic have forced churches to cancel most of their religious gatherings such as bible studies and Sunday worships, causing church leaders to hold worships online. People turned to the internet to seek out God in their prayers. As for my family, we find comfort in attending online bible study together. It gives us a worry-free environment to nourish our souls during this pandemic. We still get in touch with our spiritual community through online meetings.”

Maximo “Macky” Artieda, Project Management Support

“With online masses, we can roll out of bed and attend with less effort in preparing, although we still make sure that we are properly dressed when attending mass even at home. Also, we can attend weekday masses in our own time which we couldn’t do before because of our schedules.”

Amorfina “Amor” Tejada, Sports Marketing

“Attending online mass and listening to worship songs are my safe haven during this extraordinary time. Hearing God’s words, even online, nourishes my relationship with the Lord and spurs my spiritual growth. Learning from the stories in the Bible and from other people’s spiritual journeys make me hunger more for the Word of Jesus. It teaches me to be hopeful and to trust in God’s plan, which helps me to be mentally healthy.  It also reminds me of the importance of praying and being thankful everyday for God’s blessings.

Our spiritual community has a Pre-Feast gathering before the online mass every Sunday where we share our personal stories and blessings for the week, we also have a monthly Zoomustahan for the young adults. All these activities make the online world more manageable and our spiritual journey more enjoyable.”

Rose ann “Rosy” Santos, HR Account Management

“Even through online, the scriptures remind me that God is the only way towards salvation, true happiness, and satisfaction in life. Whatever our circumstance is right now, nothing should stop us from loving, serving, worshipping, and giving thanks to our God.”

Angel Funiestas, Traffic Systems

Indeed, nothing can separate us from our faith in God. Whether we attend mass or participate in group worships in-person or through online, what matters is our desire to grow our spiritual relationship with our Father.

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